What Accounts Can I Roll My 401k Into?

What accounts can I roll my 401k into

Your options for rolling over your 401(k) are numerous. One is to roll your funds into an IRA, which typically involves low costs. Another approach could be using full service brokers such as Fidelity or Vanguard who provide commission-free investing options, or alternatively you could turn to robo-advisors which charge only minimal fees in order to manage investments for you.


An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, can be an appealing retirement savings choice due to its tax advantages and flexibility. Plus, savers have various investment options at their fingertips – just be wary of any drawbacks affecting your particular financial situation – such as switching 401(k) funds early into an IRA to avoid penalty by the IRS.

Consider rolling your IRA into your new employer’s plan; however, this may entail additional rules and restrictions. As an alternative solution, rollover your IRA to individual accounts or investment vehicles such as annuities or life insurance policies may provide greater freedom.

Some individuals choose to convert their IRAs to 401(ks in order to simplify investing and access retirement funds sooner. This option may be especially appealing for people who do not feel equipped to manage an IRA effectively or who do not wish to incur an early withdrawal penalty of 10%.


No matter if you’re switching jobs or retiring, your retirement savings options remain open to you. One option would be rolling over your 401(k) into another retirement plan like an IRA or annuity; this can simplify savings while giving more control over investments made.

An annuity rollover offers one major advantage – guaranteed income streams – without risking running out of funds in retirement and can reduce reliance on Social Security benefits. But be wary: such an arrangement could add significant fees to your investment account, including initial commission and ongoing mortality and expense fees.

To avoid tax complications when transitioning retirement funds, only transfer them into an IRA or an annuity that’s considered qualified plan. Otherwise, your employer could cash out your balance and withhold 20% for taxes – you can prevent this by having checks made out to your IRA custodian instead of directly to yourself.

Insurance policy

Though you cannot move your 401(k) directly into an insurance policy account, you can use its funds to purchase whole life or other types of policies – an excellent way to invest your retirement savings while providing financial protection for loved ones in case of your death. When making this decision it’s important to carefully weigh both sides before making a final decision.

When changing jobs, your 401(k) funds can easily be moved into either an IRA or another retirement account plan. Most often this involves rolling them over into a traditional IRA so that your savings continue while taxation remains deferred until retirement age is reached.

If you are leaving a company-sponsored retirement plan, another option for moving your 401(k) funds may be rolling them into a Roth IRA – offering valuable tax benefits in retirement including no required minimum distributions – making the process straightforward. Simply follow these three easy steps!


If your 401(k) holds publicly traded company stock, it may be beneficial to move it into a taxable brokerage account rather than an IRA. Doing this may save thousands in taxes on distributions while providing more investment options than those typically available through traditional plans (which often limit investors to only certain funds). However, brokerage accounts tend to incur higher fees.

If you want to make the best decision for your retirement savings, take time to research all available accounts before selecting one as the place for your money. A new 401(k), however, may be best; but another option could be an IRA with low costs that allows robo advisors to help manage investments for you – albeit that some IRAs require minimum distributions at age 72.

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