What Does My IRA Say About Custodians?

Why does my IRA say about custodians

Your Self-Directed IRA relies heavily on having a custodian. They help make investments to suit your personal needs and comply with IRS rules and regulations.

Assembling your assets into one safe location will also help avoid tax penalties and any illegal transactions, but what qualities should you look out for in a custodian? Here are a few points you should remember:


Custodians of your retirement account can make a dramatic impactful on its investments options. While certain IRA custodians may restrict what assets can be placed within it, others may provide greater choice of investments and allow more diversification. When selecting an IRA custodian it should be transparent regarding fees charged and any potential charges.

Many IRA custodians impose various fees, such as annual account maintenance fees and sales charges (for investments such as mutual funds). It is essential to take note of these charges before selecting an IRA custodian.

Custodians may charge additional transaction-based fees when you invest in alternative assets like real estate and tax liens through an IRA account, so be sure to ask about these upfront and compare costs among custodians that offer this form of asset investing. It’s also essential that any prospective IRA custodian possess in-depth knowledge regarding these forms of investing so as to assist with rules and implementation.


At the very least, you don’t want a custodian who imposes fees that erode your returns and lower them below potential. Typically, more complex investment strategies often mean higher fees. Check if any one-time set up fees and annual account maintenance fees apply as well as transaction fees when investing different types of investments and how much these cost. Likewise, ask if there is any fee involved with creating an LLC to invest in real estate or alternative assets.

Finally, assess how knowledgeable their customer service team members are about IRAs – are they Certified IRA Services Professionals or have taken courses specifically on self-directed retirement accounts? It’s crucial that these individuals possess industry knowledge; many IRA holders cite it as the number-one reason they were dissatisfied with former custodians; the ideal custodian should answer your queries quickly and effectively.


Custodians vary greatly in terms of investment options, fees, and customer service. When selecting a custodian for their account, an account owner should carefully consider which investments they want to make and make sure the custodian supports those investments. A good custodian should also be up front about all fees they charge such as maintenance fees, load fees (charged in mutual funds), and trade commissions.

Custodial services are essential for IRA accounts, yet actual investing remains up to account holders themselves. Although legitimate custodians can assist with paperwork and administration needs, they do not assume responsibility for investigating investment promoters or reviewing nontraditional assets such as real estate. Therefore it is vital for any investor to validate all account statements when investing in alternative investments like cryptocurrencies or private placement securities which may be difficult to value.

Custodians do not provide investment advice, and any custodian who offers investment advice is likely a red flag that should be avoided.


When it comes to self-directed IRAs, custodians that understand all of the rules and regulations thoroughly are ideal. This includes knowing the types of assets available for purchase as well as any prohibited transactions that exist as well as being aware which investments the IRS considers in-plan investments.

Find out which fees the custodian charges and the amounts associated with transaction services, such as maintenance or management fees or loads on mutual funds and commissions on trades. Ensure their website is user friendly with comprehensive online support for those with queries or issues.

When searching for an IRA LLC or trust entity custodian, look for one with Certified IRA Service Professionals on staff – these professionals have completed a course and test to specialize in retirement accounts. It may also be beneficial to search out a custodian that specializes in alternative investment classes like real estate or private placement securities.

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