What Index Fund is Best For a Roth IRA?

What index fund is best for a Roth IRA

Roth IRA investors seeking the ideal index funds will want those that provide wide exposure to the stock market – this could include U.S. stocks, bonds and global investing options – while at the same time maintaining low costs – an important consideration when investing long term.

Consideration should also be given to income-producing assets like dividend stock funds that offer tax advantages such as Roth IRAs in terms of compounding reinvested dividends with less of a tax burden than they would with traditional accounts.


Fidelity Total Market Index Fund is an ideal Roth IRA choice, investing across the US stock market while boasting a low expense ratio – this allows more of your money to go toward building your investment!

This mutual fund offers a proven track record dating back to 1997 and no minimum investment or sales load, making it an attractive option for younger investors with long-term investment goals.

One shortcoming of FSKAX is its lack of international stocks investments. To add more diversity and outwit the average investor over time, I suggest pairing it with U.S. bond index funds and international stock index funds in your Roth IRA to diversify your portfolio and improve returns and savings over time.

2. VOO

This ETF is an ideal addition to any portfolio as its medium-risk investment consists of stocks from the S&P 500 index, providing diversification and potentially strong long-term returns.

This fund boasts low expenses, so more of your money goes directly towards investing. Furthermore, its portfolio contains numerous companies with dividend-paying potential.

Though this fund may be volatile in performance, it makes an ideal addition to your Roth IRA since distributions are tax-exempt – this helps eliminate any risk of being forced into higher tax brackets in retirement, which would harm long-term investment performance. Therefore, this should be one of your key considerations when selecting funds for your IRA.


Investing in broadly diversified index funds provides an ideal way to start saving for retirement, particularly for younger investors who can take advantage of tax-free compounding.

This fund tracks the S&P 500 with only a minimal annual fee, helping reduce overall costs while spreading risk among multiple stocks and providing diversification benefits.

This fund tracks a global stock market index and offers an excellent way to diversify your Roth IRA portfolio. Furthermore, its low expense ratio makes it an economical retirement account choice. Just keep in mind that this fund may experience greater volatility than others of its kind.

4. VTC

Your Roth IRA funds should depend on your risk tolerance, time horizon and retirement goals. A target-date fund that invests in both growth and value stocks offers a balanced mix of potential returns.

Its expense ratio is low at just $3 per $10,000 invested and offers an excellent yield-to-maturity, providing higher long-term net investment returns.

As part of your core portfolio, invest in several broad-based index funds. For maximum diversification, include one fund covering U.S. economic growth as well as one focused on income-generating assets like bonds. If your goals lie several years out, additionally diversify with intermediate-term bond index funds for added protection.

5. VTI

VTI offers a solid basis for either index or customized portfolio building, and its low fees make it a prime candidate for Roth IRA savings.

This index fund tracks the CRSP US total market index, covering nearly all investable stocks. Furthermore, it diversifies by sector and company size to reduce risk exposure.

VTI is one of the lowest-cost funds in its category, making it an excellent option for investors with long investment horizons. I included VTI as one of two core index funds in my Roth IRA portfolio alongside several mid-term bond index funds; these tax-deferred accounts allow dividends to compound without increasing tax liability.

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