What Investment is Better Than Gold?

Traditionally, most Americans view stocks and real estate investments as sound investments for long-term success. Unfortunately, however, recent events have proven otherwise.

Many investors are searching for safer investment alternatives than stocks and shares, such as precious metals like gold and silver as an investment alternative. Unfortunately, all options don’t offer equal security.

1. Silver

Which metal is right for you depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance, according to experts. Most suggest keeping a small percentage of your portfolio invested in precious metals so you can reap their advantages while leaving room for other conventional investments in your portfolio.

Silver can offer more value in terms of investment return than gold; an ounce of silver costs approximately one-eighth as much, meaning more silver can be purchased for the same cost and you stand to make greater gains if metal prices rise.

Silver investments do not generate cash flows like stocks or businesses do, meaning you must rely on someone paying more for the metal than you paid in order to profit. This may present some concerns for investors looking for multiple income streams in their portfolio.

2. Electric Vehicle Metals

Gold bugs appear like clockwork during times of war, plague, political strife and social unrest – tempting people to reach for its hard, tangible glistening bar in times of great uncertainty.

But when compared to Treasury investments that pay semiannual dividends and compound, gold may seem less appealing. It’s important to remember that gold does not pay dividends or grow through compounding; therefore it should not be chosen as part of long-term investment strategies.

Attitudes toward long-term investments vary year to year among Americans based on short-term changes to real estate and stock prices, such as declining home values and increasing interest rates. When housing prices dropped over the past year and interest rates rose, less people selected real estate as their top investment option; gold rose to become the preferred investment choice of 26% of Americans this year.

3. Offshore Investments

By choosing offshore investments, investors are able to diversify their portfolios with markets that perform better during certain economic conditions and often easier to access than onshore investments.

Investment opportunities abroad provide you with an opportunity to reap rental income and appreciation over time from assets that appreciate in value over time. Furthermore, international real estate investments allow you to take advantage of tax benefits not available domestically.

Offshore investments often feature legal systems modeled on English common law and statutes, and these jurisdictions typically speak English and offer high levels of investor protection.

No matter your investment goal – whether that be electric vehicle metals, bonds or anything else – diversifying your portfolio with offshore investments can ensure that even during major economic shifts that impact many mainstream assets, any gains from one investment will help offset losses elsewhere. To learn more about creating an offshore IRA or tax-efficient investments opportunities contact SmartAsset now to be connected to a financial advisor in your region.

4. Other Precious Metals

Gold is often seen as the go-to precious metal when looking to diversify and protect their portfolio from economic volatility, yet there are other precious metals which offer similar benefits and could improve portfolio performance.

Silver tends to be more stable than gold and offers multiple industrial uses that ensure steady demand, leading to lower correlation with overall economic trends and less response to interest rate cuts.

Physical gold offers several distinct advantages over other assets that may be subject to government and central bank decisions; unlike many assets which can be devalued and inflation is reduced significantly when stored outside a bank or home, eliminating counterparty risk and counterparty risk altogether. If you want more information about how precious metals could fit into your investment strategy, request your free information kit now.

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