What is a Gold Annuity?

The American Equity Bonus Gold Annuity is one of the best-selling fixed indexed annuities ever sold, providing tax-deferred growth until retirement time comes around and withdrawal is required.

Low costs and guaranteed minimum interest of 3% make this investment ideal for conservative retirees and pre-retirees alike.


If you’re planning or living in retirement, a gold annuity may provide steady income over time. With numerous underlying investments such as precious metals available for selection, gold annuities are an invaluable investment tool that can provide steady returns.

Gold can serve as an invaluable store of value during times of economic instability and inflation, remaining stable compared to other assets or currencies that lose purchasing power over time.

American Equity Bonus Gold annuity is one of the top-selling indexed annuities available today, offering both a minimum guaranteed interest rate and lifetime income guarantees through an optional rider. Furthermore, this annuity features a 16-year surrender charge period and 10% penalty-free withdrawal limit per year; making this product inelastic during its early years of ownership.


At annuity seminars, people may be persuaded to purchase this financial tool even if it does not fit with their goals or needs. I talk with many individuals who feel pressured into purchasing an annuity that wasn’t right for them.

American Equity’s Retirement Gold annuity provides two accounts – a fixed account that guarantees returns and an indexed account linked to market indices – both tax-deferred until you withdraw the money.

However, you should avoid agents who offer guaranteed returns of more than 6% on this annuity; such promises often made to maximize commissions for agents; furthermore it would be difficult for a fixed annuity to achieve such returns without risking principal.


An annuity investment can be an excellent way to supplement your retirement savings, but before making a decision it’s essential to thoroughly research all its details – such as how much additional retirement income you require, when payouts will begin and if withdrawal is permitted without incurring penalties.

Tax-deferred annuities are investments designed to postpone taxes until withdrawal – typically during retirement – when withdrawing money. While this allows you to build up a larger nest egg, this also means it won’t be liquid for many years and sales pitches promising returns above 6% may be misleading and contain unrealistic assumptions.


Tax-free annuities provide investors with a tax-free lump sum payment in exchange for making regular payments over time, offering great protection from market fluctuations while reaping gold’s many advantages. When considering such an annuity option, consult with an experienced Sage consultant first about your individual circumstances and timeline to help make an informed decision.

American Equity Life offers both qualified and nonqualified annuities depending on how your funds are funded; qualified annuities backed by pretax dollars are called qualified annuities while nonqualified ones, on the other hand, rely on after-tax funds as the source. You have various crediting methods available such as monthly point-to-point crediting (monthly point-to-point or annually), price triggered bonds yield with cap (bond yield with cap), fixed interest or even lifetime income benefit riders (LIBR). Furthermore, their Retirement Gold annuity offers index annuities that link rates directly with performance of various indexes selected – this way your account rates fluctuate with regard to index performance!


Many individuals invest in annuities as a means of protecting savings against market downturns and receiving regular income later. Unfortunately, annuity investments may become illiquid over time so it is crucial that individuals understand both the risks and benefits before making a purchase decision.

Gold has long been seen as an alternative asset that provides protection in times of financial stress, used as an insurance against paper assets or fiat currencies that become weaker.

The American Equity Bonus Gold fixed index annuity offers various crediting methods, including monthly point to point, annual average, price triggered bond yield with cap, volatility control and bond yield with cap. It has a 10-year term and requires at minimum an investment of $5,000; withdrawals are subject to surrender charges and market value adjustments when made prior to maturity.

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