What is a Gold IRA?

Gold IRAs are individual retirement accounts that allow investors to invest in precious metals. Like traditional pre-tax or Roth IRAs, these accounts follow certain rules when it comes to contributions limits and required minimum distributions when reaching 70.5 or 72 years old.

When choosing a Gold IRA company, be sure to take fees, track record and customer support into consideration when selecting a custodian and dealer of precious metals. These factors will help ensure that you find a custodian with whom you feel secure storing and dealing precious metals.


Gold IRAs are retirement accounts that enable investors to invest in physical gold bullion as a hedge against inflation, unlike traditional IRAs that may allow other investments such as stocks and bonds to be held by an account holder. Gold IRAs may require payment for storage fees from custodians as well.

Gold IRA companies will assist you in selecting the type of precious metals to invest in for an IRA account, from coins and bars to silver and platinum – typically using an IRS-approved depository to store these assets safely.

Before investing in a gold IRA, it is wise to do your homework. Read impartial resources that outline the risks and rewards of precious metal investments; avoid gold IRA companies with financial interests in selling products; and understand how diversification works for your portfolio.

Inflation hedge

A gold IRA allows retirement investors to diversify their portfolio with physical precious metals that provide protection from inflation. Gold has traditionally held its value during times of high inflation and outperformed stocks over time, making this asset class suitable for diversifying an IRA portfolio. However, investors should carefully assess any associated risks before seeking advice from a fiduciary advisor with legal obligation to look out for your interests.

Starting a gold IRA involves opening an account with a precious-metals dealer and finding an approved custodian or depository. Your dealer can recommend an administrator, trustee, and depository who will oversee your IRA as well as storage locations where your gold will be safely kept.

Selecting a gold IRA provider with excellent customer service is of utmost importance. This should include phone, email and live chat support to address any of your inquiries or concerns during the investment process. In addition, compare fees charged by each provider as these could impact on your return on investment.

Tax-free distributions

Gold IRAs can be an excellent way to diversify your retirement portfolio, but, like any major financial decision, should be carefully researched prior to investing. As is true with any major decision, independent third-party sources would be preferable when gathering information – rather than gold IRA companies who may have their own agenda at stake in your decision making process.

Investment in a traditional or self-directed gold IRA can provide your retirement savings with an extra layer of protection from inflation and economic instability, but be wary of any fees involved in opening and maintaining such accounts.

Some gold IRA companies charge an account setup fee and seller’s markup on precious metal coins or bullion, which varies depending on whether you buy bullion or proofs. Other custodians charge annual maintenance fees which could either be a flat rate or proportionate to your account size. Ensure you choose an IRA custodian which provides transparent pricing, competitive market news updates and customer service – these qualities should all help make choosing an IRA worthwhile!


Addition of gold to an IRA can provide your retirement savings with extra protection from inflation and other economic challenges, but prior to investing you should consult a financial or tax professional to ascertain whether precious metals are right for your investment portfolio. In addition to complying with federal regulations and selecting an account custodian who offers straightforward fees with exceptional client support.

When choosing an IRA provider, be sure they offer transparent pricing and competitive rates. Inquire about storage and insurance costs as they may vary between providers. Furthermore, should you ever decide to close your IRA, the dealer should offer to buy back gold at current wholesale prices; otherwise you risk losing money. Finally, avoid companies charging upfront fees when opening or closing an IRA as these should be listed in your contract.

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