What is an Equity Trust IRA?

Self-directed retirement accounts allow you to invest beyond traditional stock and bond investments. For instance, using your IRA you could invest in assets that provide unrelated business taxable income (UBTI), such as turnkey real estate investments, private equity deals and precious metals.

Equity Trust Company was established in 1974 as the leading custodian for alternative assets within retirement accounts. Investors trust them for their expertise and service excellence; their industry-leading online account management system processed over 1.8 million transactions during 2019.

Self-directed IRAs

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to diversify their retirement accounts with nontraditional investments such as private placements, real estate and other alternative assets that fall outside traditional IRAs’ regulatory oversight. Although this can be beneficial in diversifying a portfolio, fraud risk and other concerns should still be taken into consideration before setting one up.

To protect yourself against this, it is crucial that you verify the information in your account statements, particularly if you invest in alternative assets. To do this effectively, obtain an independent third-party valuation or market expert’s valuation report, or research tax assessment records. If unable to confirm what’s written therein, consult an experienced advisor before investing.

Consider fees when choosing a custodian. Some firms charge setup and renewal fees while others may impose transaction costs; it’s wise to compare all these charges before opening an account with them. Furthermore, keep an eye on their reputation and customer service capabilities.

IRA custodians

As a self-directed IRA investor, it’s crucial that your account be handled by an IRA custodian who understands its unique investments and can assist in finding prospective investments as well as find resources that combat fraud common among IRA investors.

An IRA custodian is an independent financial institution authorized by the IRS to offer custodial services on behalf of account owners. Their duties include buying and selling investments as well as ensuring compliance with IRS rules.

Custodians must offer secure websites that protect customer information from hackers and implement systems and controls to limit employee access to it only when necessary. Furthermore, it’s crucial that customers ask what fees are associated with each service as this ensures the highest-quality service at fair pricing.

IRA investments

A retirement investment account (IRA) can be an ideal way to build up retirement savings. They offer tax breaks this year while deferred growth until your withdrawal at retirement time. You can invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, real estate as well as alternative investments such as private placements, cryptocurrency or precious metals.

Selecting an IRA investment depends on your financial goals, timeline for retirement and risk tolerance. A reliable brokerage firm or bank can assist in helping to assess what would work best for you while helping to ensure you avoid prohibited investments.

Equity Trust Company offers self-directed IRA custodial services that allow investors to diversify their portfolio through investments in alternative asset classes, including real estate, tax liens, private loans and private equity. Their trained advisors oversee investments carefully before providing support – making Equity Trust Company an excellent choice for investors seeking quality support with minimal fees and an extensive range of alternative investments.

IRA fees

Fees associated with investing in alternative assets vary considerably based on your custodian, with some charging flat annual fees while others charge according to portfolio value. Before opening an IRA account, it’s wise to review their fees schedule to understand any associated charges and costs.

Many are often surprised to learn that retirement accounts can be used to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, private equity and notes investments and crowdfunding opportunities – though there are certain restrictions that must be observed before undertaking such investments.

Equity Trust Company, which has been offering self-directed IRA services since 1974, can assist with these investments. Offering an industry-leading account management system and support team dedicated solely to you. Their low entry and renewal fees attract thousands of clients while their impeccable customer service excellence has built them a stellar reputation.

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