What is IRA Storage?

What is IRA storage

Many have seen advertisements online offering home storage gold IRAs. According to these ads, investors can use pre-tax dollars to invest in gold coins approved for IRA storage at home and then safely secure them at their residence.

However, the IRS has specific guidelines for storing precious metals in an IRA account. Furthermore, keeping gold at home could constitute a distribution and incur penalties if you’re under 59.5.

Precious Metals

Precious metals have long been seen as safe haven investments during times of economic and political unrest. Gold in particular is esteemed for its durability and shaping capabilities as well as potential inflation hedge capabilities; however, investors should bear in mind that precious metals do not remain immune from volatility like stocks and bonds do.

Home storage of IRA metals requires using an IRS-recognized depository. A home safe may seem secure enough, but its lack of compliance with their strict guidelines makes home storage of metals impossible.

The IRS recognizes certain secure storage facilities as depositories that can house precious metals for an IRA, meeting stringent security and recordkeeping standards. A depository allows your metals to remain accessible at all times while meeting these rigorous requirements – providing access at your convenience as needed or having them shipped right to your doorstep for self-management of your IRA account.


By keeping their IRA gold at home, those who store it inside risk breaking the rules and incurring penalties from doing so. Furthermore, as storage counts as distribution under IRS rules, their precious metals could become subject to tax.

If you wish to establish a home storage gold IRA, the process starts by creating and filing an LLC in your preferred state. After which, an IRS-compliant fidelity bond of up to $250,000 must be obtained as part of compliance requirements.

Your financial background must also include experience handling retirement funds. In addition, corporate legal counsel and an accountant will likely need to be retained and audits conducted regularly – all of which present additional upfront costs that must be carefully evaluated when considering whether a home storage gold IRA is suitable.


An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, allows you to invest in stocks from all industries – such as common shares of public companies – as well as bonds and real estate investments. Unfortunately, an IRA cannot hold collectibles.

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to invest either pre-tax (traditional IRA) or post-tax (Roth). You may also use them for small businesses and SEP IRAs may also be suitable.

Transferring assets to your retirement account allows you to pay tax based on its cost basis – what it was worth when purchased – potentially saving considerable amounts if stock prices decline following transfer.

Schwab-approved IRAs allow for some options strategies, though naked options or shorting the underlying security are prohibited. Hedging strategies like protective puts are permissible; these are both protective and speculative by nature and were likely not intended by the IRS as trustees of their own IRA accounts.

Other Investments

The IRA provides an expected 30-40-50% investment tax credit (and up to 50% depending on certain tax credit “adder” requirements) for standalone energy storage facilities like batteries, hydrogen, and thermal technologies – making deployment and financing of these grid-stabilizing systems much simpler for utilities and other developers alike.

Investors who contravene the rules by storing their IRA-owned gold at home could face distribution penalties – up to and including 10% penalties as well as any income taxes they owe.

Avoid these risks by working with an IRA company that provides safe, insured storage options, such as iTrustCapital which offers not only traditional precious metals but also crypto and energy storage. With over 400 positive Google reviews and impeccable transparency this firm makes an excellent choice for anyone seeking to diversify their retirement portfolio using metals held within an IRA account.

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