What Is Segregated Gold?

How you store your precious metals should not only be seen as a logistical issue; rather, it should also be approached strategically.

Both allocated and segregated storage are methods for holding physical gold bars and coins in depository vaults, depending on your preferences, budget and transaction needs. Their differences include Cost, Accessibility and Security.


Making the decision between segregated and non-segregated storage can be a critical one. Beyond simple convenience and security concerns, segregated and non-segregated options should maximize your precious metals portfolio’s liquidity and appreciation potential.

Decide how you will store an artwork: will it go in with other paintings in a room full of other paintings stacked and jostled together or will you create its own individual space where its value and identity remain more easily apparent?

Allocated gold storage offers you just that. When depositing gold with a depository, your gold will be assigned an individual serial number to represent its proportionate share in the bank’s overall physical inventory. In contrast to unallocated storage solutions that mix your shares among those of other investors and only hold your claim on a pool of bullion held by an institution; unallocation requires more work in terms of identifying individual bars or coins when ordering delivery.


Making decisions regarding how and where you store precious metals may seem like an insignificant detail of wealth-building, but they can have significant ramifications. Host Mark Yaxley in this episode explores the differences between Fully Segregated Storage (FS), Allocated Storage and Unallocated Storage, taking us inside SWP Cayman Islands’ vault as part of his exploration.

Your investment portfolio, financial landscape and frequency of purchases/sales will all play a role in your choice of storage solution. For those on tight budgets or who desire direct ownership may prefer unallocated storage; those looking for segregated services might prefer segregated. Generally though, segregated storage services usually cost more than unallocated ones so be sure to carefully consider all your options before making your final choice – then invest with confidence! — Special thanks go out to Mrs. Anderson for all her assistance and expertise.


Segregated storage provides you with greater peace of mind by isolating your gold bars from other people’s gold in an individual storage unit. This method offers superior security for customers with multiple investments or who anticipate frequent transactions.

Although depository storage offers more security, its added costs come at a premium – you will be required to pay an increased storage fee than unallocated storage and house insurance on any physical gold stored there.

As always, the ultimate decision lies with you to determine your level of security requirements and decide if direct ownership is worth its added cost. Many investors see direct ownership as well worth it – though those just beginning their investing journey or with smaller portfolios and shorter time horizons may find non-segregated storage more cost effective.


When purchasing physical gold bullion, the storage method you select can have significant ramifications for its liquidity and value. Your choice will depend on various factors including budget and metal volume – if you plan to make frequent transactions or have a substantial portfolio segregated storage may be preferable.

Segregated storage offers greater peace of mind and direct ownership compared to unallocated options, but may cost more.

Unallocated storage allows dealers to share physical metal between clients. When you sell unallocated gold, the same number of ounces may return but they may not exactly match what was stored in your vault at first.

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