What Is Segregated Storage?

What is segregated storage

Investors with coins that hold high individual value or just want the maximum protection should consider segregated storage as an option, though it will come at a high cost.

Allocated storage can be a much cheaper and secure option than segregated. Your decision depends on your personal or professional situation.

Precious metals

Segregated storage refers to keeping your precious metals separate from those stored with the same depository or company, in their own vault within an individually designated area, giving you easy access to them at any time – this helps safeguard value preservation as you can unquestionably prove what stock you own at any given moment.

Non-segregated storage combines your bullion with that of other investors and may be less costly, yet this approach may have drawbacks that limit what form or quality it takes when withdrawing precious metals from storage.

If your primary aim for purchasing precious metals is as an investment hedge, allocated storage may suffice. But if you plan on taking delivery at some point (due to economic decline, currency volatility or political unpredictability), segregated storage should always be preferred.


Chemicals are essential tools in laboratory work, yet can pose potential hazards to people and property. Chemicals should be stored so as to prevent reactions between different substances; one effective approach for doing this is following Matt Bruns’ chemical categorization, segregation and storage protocol guidelines.

Bruns’ guidelines divide chemicals into seven groups according to their hazard classification and compatibility; they can be found on the CAMEO chemical incompatibility matrix. Oxidizers should be kept away from flammables and acids/bases should never be mixed together, since doing so would create dangerous reactions between these products and each other; furthermore organic acids/oxidizing acids as well as poisons, water reactives and reducing agents should all be stored separately from one another.

Time sensitive chemicals that produce peroxides when aged should be purchased in inhibited forms and used before their expiration dates are reached. Furthermore, keep corrosives away from explosives and volatiles; always store below eye level with clear labelling for easy identification.


Segregated storage is often recommended for papers outside a bank’s custody that require full-risk storage, as it provides more secure documents storage than allocated solutions while providing comparable levels of protection to vaults.

Simple segregated storage can reduce memory overhead significantly, enabling allocation and deallocation to take a fixed amount of time (amortized). Unfortunately, however, its usage is restricted to allocating chunks with fixed sizes.

Segregated storage is highly recommended for customers living outside Switzerland or Europe who cannot travel directly to visit their precious metals in person due to personal or professional constraints, as this option saves significant travel costs – something especially valuable during times of emergency.


Keep records organized while they’re stored, either physically or logically, to prevent leakage of data and improper access. Furthermore, this practice can improve storage efficiency while making reorganizing easier.

Simple segregated storage provides faster execution and reduced memory overhead than system allocators, but at a price: it can only allocate chunks of one size. However, this technique may be useful in cases requiring many noncontiguous allocations and deallocations of small memory units as part of time-sensitive algorithms with guaranteed alignment portability or portability guarantees.

Your precious metals are held in a Secure Segregated Storage account at SWP and fully insured by Marsh and Lloyd’s of London. SWP offers monthly inventory statements as well as various payment options, such as credit card, bank wire, ACH, Bitcoin and USDC payments. Each account undergoes an independent annual audit by Bureau Veritas auditors – click here to see our certificate of insurance!

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