What is the Best ETF For Gold?

What is the best ETF for gold

Gold has long been considered an attractive investment, providing protection against inflation and market fluctuations while at the same time offering investors some hedge against inflation and market fluctuations. But investors must be wary of certain risks such as counterparty risk when investing in gold.

Benzinga advises investors to only invest in precious metals funds as part of a diversified portfolio. ETFs offer many advantages over physical gold investments, such as lower storage and handling costs and liquidity benefits as loan collateral.


Gold has historically been seen as an appealing investment asset due to its longstanding status as a safe haven, while diversifying portfolios. While buying physical gold may be costly, certain ETFs provide an easier and less-expensive means of accessing its precious metal properties.

IAUM may be relatively young as an exchange-traded fund (ETF), but it has already amassed $1.2 billion thanks to its outstanding track record and extremely reasonable expense ratio of just 0.15 percent. Long-term investors will find IAUM an ideal way to track gold without needing to physically purchase, transport and insure bars or coins themselves.

IAUM charges the lowest expense ratio among spot-price gold ETFs at 0.1749%. As with GLD and SGOL, it is backed by physical bullion stored in vaults around the world, giving investors access to actual bars held by IAUM through viewing a 53-page document that lists each brand serial number shape weight assay location and vault location for every bar held by IAUM.

This ETF focuses more on gold mining companies than on its price, but still deserves consideration in any well-rounded portfolio. GDX invests in domestic and foreign small-cap mining firms that earn most of their revenue from discovering, producing, processing and selling gold as well as other metals.


Gold ETFs offer investors a secure and straightforward investment option for their money, without requiring theft or storage fees as with physical gold. Plus they’re easy to buy/sell/use as collateral for loans – making them perfect for diversifying portfolios while guarding against inflation.

Before choosing an ETF, it’s essential to establish your goals and determine if the fund matches up with them. For instance, if your savings goal is purchasing a second home, your investment strategy should differ significantly than someone saving for college costs. Furthermore, your risk tolerance must also be taken into consideration when making your selection.

Some gold ETFs invest directly in physical gold while others follow its price through investments in public mining companies. Although these ETFs tend to be more volatile than those holding physical gold, they offer an efficient way to gain exposure without owning physical metal directly. But you should keep in mind that profits from selling such funds may be taxed as collectibles rather than regular investments – this may increase your taxes significantly! To make an informed decision based on your investment strategy and research each fund’s performance, expense ratio, holdings, etc.


VanEck Gold Miners ETF is a commodity-based fund designed to track the price of gold. It strives to replicate, as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the performance of the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index. This ETF offers investors who are seeking exposure to physical gold an alternative way – offering higher returns than other ETFs but being riskier overall.

Gold has long been used as a medium of exchange in various societies around the world, which accounts for its longstanding value and longevity. Gold is an effective store of value that protects against country-specific risks while simultaneously offering steady income streams – yet remains a speculative investment that tends to gain in value during times of increased market volatility.

Investors should remember that trading ETFs can be costly if you buy and sell large volumes. To reduce expenses, purchasing funds through an online broker using dollar-cost averaging is the most efficient method of building positions over time. Furthermore, investors should avoid leveraged ETFs that use derivatives and borrowed money as betting platforms on price movements.

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