What is the Safest Investment for an IRA?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) offers more investment choices than your workplace retirement plan, such as stocks, bonds and money market funds. The best IRAs boast low fees with high investment returns and multiple investment choices available.

Selecting investments for your IRA depends on your time horizon and risk tolerance. A diversified portfolio could help ensure it reflects benchmarks accurately.


No stock can truly be considered risk-free – even rock-solid companies can experience volatile share prices – but investments with mature businesses and steady cash flows tend to be safer investments for investors. Investors should focus on stocks with consistent increases in revenue year over year as that indicates pricing power over rivals or products people need during tough economic times – examples such as Apple (tech leader with strong customer loyalty), Alphabet (parent company of Google and YouTube) and Verizon, which offer essential telecommunication services to both consumers and businesses, may provide more secure investments than others.

An alternative option for investing your IRA safely is selecting low-cost mutual funds or exchange-traded funds that track market indexes like S&P 500 index funds. Furthermore, Vanguard target retirement funds offer automatic rebalancing to become more conservative as you near retirement, plus low investment fees and aftertax returns.


Bonds are IOUs that pay out an interest rate over time and return their original principal at maturity, providing lower risk and returns than stocks. IRAs provide tax benefits for many types of bonds as their earnings tend to be taxed at ordinary income rates rather than capital gains rates until withdrawn in retirement. Treasury-issued bonds tend to be the least risky while junk bonds carry greater risks but may yield greater yields.

Municipal and corporate bonds make excellent additions to an IRA account as they’re typically exempt from federal taxes. Furthermore, inflation-protected bonds automatically adjust their payments semiannually so as to match inflation rates as prices increase – helping avoid losses as prices escalate.

Equity index funds provide investors with long-term goals an easy and low-cost way to access global markets, like Vanguard Dividend Growth VDIGX (gold rating) or First Eagle Overseas SGOVX (low fees).

Money Markets

The money market is one of the cornerstones of our global financial system, comprising wholesale transactions in short-term debt investments backed by the federal government. Individual investors can participate by buying money market mutual funds, purchasing Treasury bills or opening bank savings accounts.

Savings accounts typically offer low interest rates – only four cents annually or less on deposits of $25,000 or more – which may cause investors to consider alternatives, such as money market funds.

Some money market funds may be safer than others, such as those that invest in Treasuries with full government backing; other investments might involve asset-backed commercial paper or securities repurchase agreements (repos). Yet investors who keep their IRA investments in money markets can still earn steady income without incurring taxes until withdrawing them and benefit from less volatility overall.

Short-Term Investments

An IRA is a tax-advantaged vehicle for holding investments. There may be certain investments that do not fit within its investment guidelines (like high yield savings accounts) that you cannot put into an IRA, but generally speaking it offers quite flexible access.

Saving for short-term goals like vacationing, weddings or buying a car should generally be done using low-risk investments that protect their principle and preserve it. To reduce risk in an efficient manner, CD ladders could be ideal investments.

Stock index funds offer low fees, portfolio diversification and proven success – such as when one company in the S&P 500 suffers a bad year while other ones benefit. You could also choose an inflation-protected bond such as TIPS to achieve similar returns.

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