What is the Safest IRA Investment?

IRA CDs typically offer higher interest rates than savings accounts and can even be FDIC insured to ensure a reliable income stream during retirement.

Target date funds or asset allocation funds provide investors with limited time or expertise a convenient option, automatically selecting, monitoring, and adjusting an investment mix over time.


Vanguard funds offer low-cost solutions whether you want to build a simple portfolio on your own or outsource investment management to a professional adviser. Their 401(k) offerings and IRA brokerage accounts feature zero trading commissions with no setup, closing or transfer fees either.

Vanguard provides access to low-cost index funds and ETFs at competitive rates, along with affordable Certified Financial Planner services. In addition, online advice services for an annual fee provide great guidance for newcomers looking for investment advice.

Vanguard stands out as an industry leader due to its client-owned structure, meaning all shareholders share equally in profits and losses. Additionally, this culture of client ownership extends into their customer service – their website provides user-friendly navigation as well as useful information; however it has recently removed certain features, such as quick ways of viewing recent credit or transaction activity in accounts.


Betterment stands out among robo-advisors due to its simple set-up process, offering access with just their name, phone number, and valid email address. After receiving access, users are then required to answer a series of short questions to create a portfolio tailored specifically to their risk tolerance level.

Once an investor has completed the set-up process, Betterment will automatically rebalance their portfolio to ensure your investments align with your goals. This feature is typical among robo-advisors and helps ensure that investments align with objectives effectively.

Betterment offers investors an easy way to reduce taxes with automatic tax-saving strategies applied directly to their accounts. They do this through asset location, prioritizing investments that are expected to incur lower tax rates for retirement accounts and taxable investments accounts, automatic rebalancing to ensure your portfolio aligns with your target asset allocation and regular nudges from Betterment that keep investors invested.


Ally is an excellent option for those seeking a strong savings account that offers both IRA options. Their online savings and spending accounts offer competitive APYs and no fees; additionally, its savings account enables users to create savings buckets tailored to different goals or financial needs. Their money market account boasts a high APY with no minimum balance requirements – plus no ATM withdrawal fees or overdraft charges either! Lastly, Ally provides CDs that range in terms from three months up to five years with competitive rates that don’t penalize – not even one no-penalty CD option!

Investors who find selecting individual stocks and funds too risky should consider opening a self-directed IRA, which allows investors to diversify across a wider selection of assets. Custodians for these IRAs usually permit investments such as real estate, precious metals and commodities; private placement securities; promissory notes and tax lien certificates as well as leveraged ETFs or limited partnerships as assets that can be included.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab (ticker: SCHW) revolutionized the brokerage industry in 1971 by opening his first office with the belief that stock markets should be accessible to everyone. Through innovative thinking and creative protection measures for customer brokerage assets he created multiple layers of protection in case his company should ever declare bankruptcy and creditors attempt to repossess those assets as claims against creditors’ claims arise against it.

Schwab offers an expansive selection of investment choices, including stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds as well as retirement accounts and 529 plans. In addition, Schwab provides robo-advisors, managed portfolios and professional financial guidance services.

Schwab offers comprehensive educational content and competitive fees, making it an attractive option for investors of all levels. Their learning center features articles and webinars covering every investment category possible; customer service is outstanding; however, one drawback of Schwab may be its limited options in real estate and precious metals investments.

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