What Precious Metals Are Allowed in an IRA?

Precious metals can be included in a Traditional, ROTH, SEP, SIMPLE or Rollover IRA according to specific rules on which coins and bars may be included.

IRS rules only permit IRAs to own precious metals that meet specific purity requirements, such as gold and silver coins and bars.


Gold has long been considered an attractive retirement investment option. It provides diversification, protects against dollar devaluation and inflationary threats while offering diversification benefits. But before investing in gold it’s wise to consult a financial expert.

A traditional IRA can only hold precious metals that comply with IRS regulations. In general, this means gold bullion bar or coin-based bullion produced either at a national government mint or by a private refinery must also meet this standard and must be 24 karat or higher – with exception being made for 22k American Gold Eagle coins and the South African Krugerrand coins which are considered collectibles rather than bullion.

Precious metals IRA companies can assist in setting up your account and ensure the products purchased comply with IRS guidelines. Most such firms charge one-time setup and maintenance fees of $50-100 annually as well as storage fees for physical metals in your account.


Silver can add diversification to your retirement portfolio in ways no other asset can. Unlike stocks, bonds, or mutual funds which have the ability to be devalued by third-parties over time, physical silver holds its intrinsic value unalterably and cannot be taken away by another entity.

Add silver to your retirement account easily by opening a precious metals IRA with an experienced partner like Augusta Precious Metals. Their custodian partnerships include highly secure depositories that work closely with them as custodians; plus they act as your liaison between yourself and these custodians to make sure that your investment remains safe and sound.

First, determine what type of bullion you wish to hold in your IRA. Options may include silver coins and bars from various dealers – just be sure it complies with IRS guidelines! A dealer that understands these rules is key as he/she can advise on which options would work best; note however that rare coins, nebulas and collectibles cannot be included within an IRA account.


A platinum IRA is an innovative type of self-directed individual retirement account that enables investors to invest in physical precious metals directly. Offering similar tax benefits as traditional IRAs and giving individuals an alternative form of diversification in their portfolio.

However, it’s essential to remember that platinum can only be held in an IRA when purchased from a reputable precious metals dealer. When selecting one, look for membership of industry trade groups such as the American Numismatic Association and Industry Council for Tangible Assets; additionally they should be accredited by LBMA, COMEX/NYMEX and NYSE/Liffe and offer various IRA eligible products including gold bars and rounds.

Additionally, look for dealers that make the buyback process straightforward and painless. The ideal dealers offer buyback options that ensure you can easily sell back IRA-eligible assets as needed, which allows for stable price point investments while providing peace of mind.


Palladium is an investment metal that can be added to an Individual Retirement Account through self-directed gold or silver accounts, and often serves as a hedge against inflation while diversifying an investor portfolio.

Many investors can build effective precious metals portfolios without including palladium. Others find it to be an indispensable addition. Either way, working with an established precious metals specialist to ensure your IRA meets IRS regulations is key.

When choosing a dealer for your IRA, seek one who specializes in self-directed accounts. An ideal dealer would have an established history and solid standing within their industry, along with transparent fees and exceptional customer service. Furthermore, educational resources should also be offered so you can make informed decisions regarding investments made with them and secure storage of precious metals should also be offered as part of the deal.

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