What Precious Metals Are Allowed in an IRA?

IRS rules mandate that any bullion eligible for storage in an IRA be stored with an authorized depository (typically a metal depository), thus ruling out storage at home or with individual collectors. This requirement does not extend to coins of historical significance or those owned personally.

Investment in precious metals can provide your retirement portfolio with much-needed diversification. But doing so must be conducted through a Self-Directed IRA, which permits alternative investments like real estate and promissory notes alongside your traditional stocks and bonds.


Gold and other precious metals offer a great way to hedge inflation and diversify an IRA portfolio, but before making such an important financial commitment it’s advisable to consult with licensed financial, tax, and legal professionals who specialize in this field.

After choosing your dealer and selecting where you will store your investment, the next step should be deciding where it will be stored. According to IRS regulations, physical precious metals must be sent directly to an IRS-approved depository – options include private secure storage facilities offering insurance and segregation. Finally, when purchasing bullion coins that meet IRS purity standards it’s essential that they meet minimum purity requirements – some dealers may push numismatic coins instead due to higher commission payments that reduce returns overall.


Investment of precious metals through an Individual Retirement Account has become an increasingly popular way for Americans to diversify their portfolio, yet many remain unaware of its regulations regarding precious metals investments in IRAs.

Precious metals offer an excellent way to safeguard one’s money against inflation and market fluctuations while providing tangible protection from geopolitical risks.

As part of your investment in precious metals, the first step involves selecting a trustee who will serve as your self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA) custodian and facilitate purchasing eligible IRA bullion products. Next step involves finding a precious metals dealer who abides by IRS guidelines for physical transfer and storage of your precious metals at an approved depository facility.


Platinum coins and bullion qualify for investment within an IRA provided they meet IRS purity requirements. Like gold and silver, it provides an effective hedge against currency devaluation, political turmoil, and inflation.

As a noble metal, platinum is highly resistant to corrosion. Its dense yet malleable and ductile nature resembles silver’s in appearance and it is unaffected by both nitric and hydrochloric acids; however, at high temperatures aqua regia solutions will dissolve it completely.

To avoid federal taxes, IRAs must store their precious metal investments at an approved depository. This can be accomplished either via a custodial account or self-directed IRA; with the former option involving working with a dealer for buying and selling metals; while self-directed accounts require you to find a trustee willing to facilitate physical transfer and storage of investments.


Palladium, a strong precious metal known for its versatility, can make an essential contribution to your IRA portfolio. By diversifying with palladium as part of a metals investment portfolio, palladium often serves as an additional safeguard against gold or silver price volatility.

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, can hold precious metals that meet certain purity requirements. While IRAs do not allow collectible coins to be held within them, gold bullion rounds and bars as well as semi-numismatic American Eagle coins may be kept inside an IRA account. Furthermore, silver, platinum and palladium bullion may be held.

Once purchased, metals must be kept in an IRS-approved depository for safe keeping. Storing precious metals eligible for an IRA at home or other private locations would violate federal law and make your IRA ineligible for tax benefits; typically these metals are held by an IRA-approved depository with federal insurance coverage.

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