What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

Precious metals offer investors an alternative investment option that may help protect against inflation and risk hedging strategies, yet only make sense within an appropriately diversified portfolio.

Begin by selecting an IRA custodian who works with your preferred precious metals dealer, and selecting coins or bullion that meet IRS purity standards.

American Silver Eagles

American Silver Eagles are an attractive option for investors seeking a silver investment. These bullion coins, approved for use within an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), feature the iconic eagle design and come in one, five, 10 and 100 ounce weights.

Silver bars are another attractive investment choice. Approved as an IRA investment product, these bars come in sizes one ounce to 10 ounces with the U.S. Mint’s iconic Walking Liberty design adorning them.

In general, any coin or bar produced at a national government mint and certified by an accredited refiner, assayer, or manufacturer qualifies for inclusion in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Proof coins and slabbed numismatic coins do not qualify. You must store any metal purchased through an IRA with an approved depository.

Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

Johnson Matthey silver bars provide investors with a great way to diversify their precious metals portfolio without being subject to government mint restrictions and serialization issues.

Before purchasing, ensure the product in question meets IRS minimum fineness requirements and is legal tender. Once you’ve located a dealer, coordinate the transaction with your IRA custodian to complete it.

Your IRA custodian will purchase silver for your retirement account and send it directly to a metals depository for safekeeping. They may suggest specific depository options; however, you are free to select one on your own. Storage in a depository is mandatory as it protects investments from theft, natural disasters and other forms of risk.

Mexican Silver Coins

Mexican silver coins offer an ideal way to diversify your precious metals portfolio. Renowned for their high silver purity, legal tender status and culturally significant designs, Mexican coins are an attractive investment that often mirror global silver prices – providing investors with an attractive investment option that changes based on global silver prices.

Silver eligible for retirement accounts must be stored in an IRS approved depository. When selecting a dealer to ensure your metals meet these regulations, make sure they offer high premium options or “certified” offerings as these could potentially mislead investors into buying something they don’t really need or meet IRS guidelines.

Investing in IRA-approved bullion provides several advantages, including protection from inflation, portfolio diversification and tangible value. Furthermore, these metals can easily be liquidated making them ideal for retirement portfolios as tax deferral is possible depending on which type of IRA you hold.

Swiss Silver Francs

Silver bullion coins can be found online, but you must ensure the ones you select meet IRS-mandated minimum fineness standards before placing them in an IRA.

One popular option is the American Silver Eagle, featuring heraldic eagle designs and weighing one troy ounce. Johnson Matthey silver bars also provide great choices; these bars contain 99.9% pure silver.

Collector coins and rare/certified coins do not qualify as eligible investments for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), however a range of silver products could fit your long-term retirement savings goals more comfortably. Download our complimentary Precious Metals IRA Investment Guide or give us a call now to talk with an IRA professional!

New Zealand Silver Kiwi

The New Zealand Silver Kiwi coin is an increasingly popular investment option, featuring Queen Elizabeth II on one side and a grown Kiwi and baby Kiwi on the other.

Precious metal investments within an IRA can grow tax-free until withdrawal, at which point investors must pay taxes. Therefore, diversifying your retirement savings with other assets is vitally important to protect its growth and value.

Many dealers who sell precious metals to IRAs do not owe clients fiduciary duty and may be motivated by commissions and profits rather than your best interests. Be sure to get an upfront understanding of all fees and charges before investing; using an IRA custodian could help avoid hidden charges that might otherwise go undetected.

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