What Silver Coins Are IRA Eligible?

What silver coins are IRA eligible

Silver provides investors with many advantages that include diversification, inflation protection and potential long-term growth. It can help their portfolio remain more secure over time and preserve wealth over the course of retirement.

Choose a reputable silver IRA company with IRS-approved depository providers for maximum purity requirements and safe storage of your silver assets.

American Eagle Coins

Silver American Eagle coins are popular with investors looking to diversify their precious metals IRA. IRA-approved, these coins come in one ounce, half ounce and quarter ounce sizes with their iconic Liberty design first seen on the US $20 ‘Saint Gaudens’ double eagle gold bullion coin from 1907 – 1933.

The American Eagle coin has been in circulation since 1986 and features the image of two male and female eagles carrying olive branches while flying above an eagle’s nest filled with baby eagles. The American Eagle coin makes an excellent addition to an IRA portfolio.

In 1997, the IRS broadened eligibility of precious metals IRAs by permitting investors to hold physical palladium and platinum. They may also purchase silver bars from Johnson Matthey and Royal Canadian Mint that have lower premiums than American Eagle coins and provide greater metal for investment purposes.

Australian Kookaburra Coins

Physical silver can help diversify and protect your assets from the volatile markets and inflationary trends, but before making purchases it is crucial that you know which silver products qualify as eligible IRA investments as ineligible ones could incur costly penalties that should be avoided.

The Australian Kookaburra coin series from Perth Mint is a favorite among precious metal investors and collectors, featuring an image of a laughing kookaburra tree kingfisher from Australia that’s known for producing loud calls that sound similar to human laughter. Each coin in this series also comes engraved with the Perth Mint seal of approval – making these coins collectible!

The 1 oz silver Kookaburra coin has an annual mintage limit that allows collectors to command a high numismatic/collector premium over its bullion value. Available weight options are 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz and kilogram weights and all contain 99.99% fine silver content.

Austrian Philharmonic Coins

Silver Philharmonic coins are an affordable and accessible way to diversify a precious metals portfolio, produced by one of the world’s prestigious mints – Austrian Mint – guaranteeing their purity and authenticity as part of an IRA eligible precious metals investment strategy. Furthermore, due to its low correlation with traditional financial assets like stocks, bonds or real estate investments; making this asset class an invaluable addition.

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra pipe organ is featured on one side of these coins while on their reverse is displayed various concert hall instruments. Since 1989 when their introduction, these coins have become one of Europe’s most beloved gold bullion coins with Euro face value as annual production continues today.

Each Philharmonic coin contains 1 troy ounce of 99.999 pure silver and comes packaged in mint-issued plastic tubes for safekeeping. You can buy silver Philharmonic coins individually or in “monster boxes” of 500 from GoldCore; all our storage vaults offer secure solutions for our silver holdings.

Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

Canadian Maple Leaf coins are another attractive investment option for those seeking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals. Created by the Royal Canadian Mint and featuring Canada’s national symbol on the reverse, a stylized maple leaf stands out against a background of English and French labels displaying silver purity, weight and metal content information on each coin.

The obverse of each coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. At first, this coin featured a younger Queen Elizabeth; however, in 1990 this portrait was changed to depict a more mature Queen. Additionally, its face value and date appear beneath this portrait.

Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins offer an effective means of diversifying a retirement portfolio with tangible assets that maintain their value over time. To learn more about adding Canadian Maple Leaf coins to an IRA eligible account, reach out to a reliable dealer such as Midas Gold Group.

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