What Silver Coins Are IRA Eligible?

Silver can be held in individual retirement accounts (IRAs), with certain bullion coins and bars approved as acceptable investments. Physical precious metals held within an IRA are administered by a custodian or trustee.

An IRA-approved bullion must meet IRS minimum fineness requirements and come from an official national government mint, with physical delivery before age 59 1/2 incurring an early withdrawal penalty of 10% plus taxes.

American Silver Eagle

Silver bullion coins like the American Silver Eagle, with its majestic depiction of the American flag on its reverse, are popular among Precious Metals IRA owners. Unfortunately, certain silver proof coins issued by the US Mint’s America the Beautiful series cannot be included in an IRA account.

Coins eligible for inclusion in an IRA must be manufactured by approved mints and feature certificates of authenticity; small bullion bars must also meet exact weight specifications. As a result, rare and collectible coins, as well as certified ones, typically do not qualify as items to put into an IRA account; the IRS sets its rules accordingly and JM Bullion only stocks items which qualify.

Australian Kookaburra

Australia’s national bird is an iconic representation of their nation, making it an ideal symbol for Australia’s silver bullion coins. Crafted with care and craftsmanship, these coins provide beauty, purity and the potential for long-term value appreciation for investors.

Kookaburras are produced at the world-famous Perth Mint from.999 silver, featuring an annual design change that sets them apart from other bullion silver coins and fulfills IRS purity requirements for IRA investment.

American Hartford Gold offers two ways of investing in Australian Kookaburra: rollover or direct purchase. Furthermore, their self-directed IRA services enable you to store physical precious metals within your retirement account.

Austrian Philharmonic

The Austrian Philharmonic coin is one of the most beloved silver bullion coins on the market today. Each one is minted from 1 troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver, has legal tender status in Austria, and features the Great Organ from Vienna’s world-famous concert hall as a centerpiece.

This IRA eligible coin features musical instruments on its obverse, while its reverse displays its face value, weight and purity details. An ideal investment choice for music fans looking to diversify their precious metals portfolio.

Johnson Matthey offers the ten-ounce silver bars as IRA eligible options and feature a luxurious finish, offering 99.9% pure silver content and offering an irresistibly beautiful luster finish.

British Silver Britannia

The British Silver Britannia coin is an attractive investment option for investors seeking to diversify their precious metals portfolio. Produced by the Royal Mint and guaranteed by UK authorities for weight and purity.

The British Silver Britannia comes in several sizes and options; including 1 oz coins with Queen Elizabeth II’s image on one side and Britannia as its enduring protector on the other. It can be purchased in multiple denominations from coin dealers worldwide.

Coins meeting IRS purity requirements may be kept in self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts. For instance, the 2024 British Silver Britannia contains one full troy ounce of pure silver; those produced between 1998 and 2012 contain lower fineness levels (.958) while coins produced after 2013 feature higher fineness levels of 999 fineness.

Swiss Silver Franc

Silver coins with beautiful designs and high purity levels are popular investments among investors. Some products that qualify for an IRA account, including Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Australian Kookaburra coins that feature new designs annually and Austrian Philharmonic coins can all be considered eligible silver bullion products. Johnson Matthey bars may also qualify as eligible investments.

Contrary to rare coins that may be valued for their rarity rather than silver content, IRA-eligible silver always trades at its pure metal value. Furthermore, all precious metal IRAs must be stored safely with an approved depository – regardless of whether your holdings are physical or paper IRA accounts. For more information about purchasing silver that meets IRA criteria contact us now!

New Zealand Silver Kiwi

The kiwi bird is one of the world’s most strikingly distinctive-looking birds, featuring long beaks and whiskers that resemble fur. Kiwis belong to the group of flightless birds known as ratites which also includes the emu, ostrich, and rhea.

The 2023 Silver New Zealand Kiwi coin features an image of a roroa great spotted kiwi at Lake Rotoiti and features Queen Elizabeth II as depicted by Ian Rank-Broadley on its obverse side.

Explore all of New Zealand Mint silver coins is sure to provide many options and investment possibilities, but to maximize returns it would also be wise to diversify your silver bullion portfolio for maximum flexibility and growth potential.

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