What Type of Stocks Should I Put in My Roth IRA?

Stocks and mutual funds are popular assets to include in a Roth IRA due to their potential high growth potential and dividend yield, both of which can be reinvested for greater yield in your portfolio.

Roth IRA investors can select from an assortment of US-listed stocks, ETFs and mutual funds online to maximize their gains within their Roth IRA account. Some of the top choices available to them include:

High-Dividend Stocks

Investing in high-dividend stocks can provide a steady income source over the long term. When selecting dividend stocks, it’s essential to carefully consider their business model, industry and stability of dividend payments – such as consumer staples businesses or utilities companies with solid track records in weathering economic storms.

International Paper (IP) boasts an outstanding dividend record and should enjoy steady growth as long-term box demand expands gradually. Meanwhile, Crown Castle (CCI) is a premier wireless infrastructure REIT operating towers across multiple markets for major carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, among others.

As a safe investment strategy, look for companies with an established history of raising dividends annually, known as Dividend Aristocrats. Consider including this type of stock as part of your core holdings when holding it tax-sheltered accounts like Roth IRAs; doing this will accelerate growth faster.

Value Stocks

Value stocks are large, established companies trading below what analysts deem them worth based on financial ratios and benchmarks. Investors looking for value will consider current stock prices alongside historic earnings growth projections when making investment decisions for value stocks.

These stocks may be undervalued due to temporary issues within their company or market conditions, or perhaps more long-term factors like depressed conditions in an industry. It is hoped that as investors recognize its true worth, its price will appreciate.

High-growth stocks and funds should be placed in a Roth IRA to maximize tax-free gains, while more conservative assets such as bonds are best held within a traditional IRA. Both types can store nearly all financial assets, except life insurance policies and collectibles; real estate or precious metals require self-directed IRA custodian management; for more information regarding rules and regulations contact both your IRA provider and registered investment advisor.


Roth IRAs are ideal long-term investing solutions because they allow investors to withdraw tax-free withdrawals upon retirement. Investors can select from three categories offering exposure to assets like stocks, bonds and international investments – an effective way of doing this is via exchange-traded funds (ETFs), pooled investment securities that trade like individual stocks on stock exchanges.

When selecting an ETF, take into account its management team, history of performance and holdings. Furthermore, keep your investment goals and risk tolerance in mind before selecting one.

Roth IRAs and other types of retirement accounts often utilize ETFs that track market indexes as they provide an efficient means of creating a diversified portfolio at low costs. Other popular ETFs include those offering dividend payments or investing in companies that prioritize sustainability and ethical business practices – ESG and income-oriented funds are particularly suitable.

Real Estate

Real estate can provide investors with passive income that helps diversify their retirement portfolio. Unfortunately, investing directly in real estate using their Roth IRA can be both expensive and risky: individual properties could require extensive repairs; be closed during times of economic distress or natural disaster; management fees increase significantly due to time consumed in overseeing properties; etc.

REIT investments offer you all of the benefits of real estate investing without the burden of searching and purchasing property individually. In general, REIT shares are typically more tax efficient than direct property investments and offer high dividend yields that help offset some of the risks associated with owning real estate.

Roth IRA investments grow tax-free and can be withdrawn tax-free during retirement. By considering potential risks and costs, you can select investments best suited to meet your financial goals.

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