Where Can I Store My Gold Investments?

Where can I store my gold investments

Home storage of gold bullion is becoming an increasingly popular option among buyers of precious metals. Home storage can be cost-effective and convenient; however, proper security precautions must be observed.

Be wary of hiding precious metals in obvious hiding places such as fake cookie jars or books with carvings cut out of them – this will help ensure that burglars do not find your precious investments easily. Homeowners insurance coverage should also be considered when protecting these investments.

Home Storage

Home storage of gold investments can be relatively affordable and provides easy access to bullion. Unfortunately, however, this method leaves precious metals vulnerable to burglary or other dangers; to safeguard your investments before starting this type of storage it is wise to invest in a safe with state-of-the-art security measures in place.

Some investors choose to store their bullion in a bank safe deposit box for added protection and greater ease. Unfortunately, this option can be more expensive and comes with fees; additionally, banking hours and insurance are limited when using this storage method.

Professional storage facilities provide your gold and other precious metals with extra protection, with independent third-party audits and multi-redundant security systems to provide maximum protection. However, it’s essential that you research storage providers carefully. Look for companies with established customer bases, large secure facilities and good track records relating to fees and insurance – this way you know you are making an informed choice!

Safe Deposit Boxes

Physical gold bars and coins can provide peace of mind during political upheaval, yet you must consider how you will protect them from damage or theft before placing them in storage at home or bank safe deposit box.

Home storage offers easy and quick access to investments, but requires significant investment in safes and protective measures such as dehumidifiers/desiccants to reduce corrosion. Furthermore, be mindful about who knows about them–the fewer people know about your precious metal investments, the lower their chance of theft or accidental sharing will be.

Bank safe deposit boxes may be relatively affordable, but they come with serious risks: gold stored at a bank is considered property of that institution and appears as an entry on their balance sheet. Investors may purchase additional insurance policies for protection, though this may prove costly.

Third-Party Storage

Third-party storage provides investors with many advantages for keeping their gold investments secure, including multi-redundant security systems and comprehensive insurance protection for their gold investments. Investors also gain access to independent third-party audits and can take delivery at any time of their investments.

Online gold dealers sometimes provide fully allocated, on-site bullion storage to investors, giving them direct access to their investments without incurring storage fees or commissions on resale fees and commissions on reselling fees and commissions on reselling costs. This option is particularly suitable for high-volume physical collections of bullion bars and coins.

Be wary that keeping gold at home poses serious risks, particularly as its value continues to increase and you seek to sell them. Most homeowner policies only cover a fraction of your investment at home, meaning adding an add-on rider could increase costs and risks significantly.

Offsite Storage

Many gold dealers utilize secure depositories as offsite storage solutions for their clients’ physical bullion. Customers simply purchase as much bullion they desire and instruct their dealer to deposit it safely into storage; no hassle necessary!

People who choose this storage method typically value privacy, prefer being in control of their bullion at all times or don’t trust banks. Unfortunately, however, this storage method increases theft risk since accessing gold may become more difficult.

Many homeowners insurance policies don’t cover precious metals without an add-on rider, increasing costs. Furthermore, having multiple people know where the gold is stored (as is sometimes the case with home safes) defeats its purpose of buying and storing gold to preserve family wealth. As such, investors may opt to store only part of their bullion at home, in order to reduce theft risks and loss.

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