Where Can I Store My IRA Gold?

Physical precious metals can be stored in an IRA provided you work with the correct custodian, though your investments must abide by IRS rules to avoid distribution penalties.

An IRS-approved depository offers segregated storage solutions, meaning your precious metals will be kept separate from those belonging to other investors.

Home Storage

Home storage for gold IRA assets is one of the most commonly advertised on-line methods, though not an officially IRS-approved option. While home security systems may prevent break-ins or theft, your property could still be subject to flooding and fire hazards that require more safeguarded storage options.

If you store your IRA investments at home, the IRS could view this action as illegal and issue significant fines against you. Furthermore, audits by them can uncover other violations of IRA regulations. To mitigate these risks and secure the safety of your precious metal assets in an IRA depository that meets IRS storage requirements will offer either segregated or combined storage options to suit individual IRA needs.

Self-Directed Custodian

With the rising popularity of gold IRAs, many investors may find themselves uncertain where they should store their precious metals. Home storage may be possible; however, for an IRA investment to remain tax-sheltered until withdrawn (at which point early distribution penalties may be applicable), an external custodian must oversee it and protect against theft.

To avoid these penalties, select a reliable self-directed custodian. An ideal company should boast strong credentials with third parties as well as be equipped to work with alternative assets like precious metals.

Additionally, when selecting a custodian you should carefully consider their ability to provide regional diversification through depository locations abroad. This provides protection from losses linked to your own economy while taking advantage of tax benefits in different nations. Finally, when opening an account and investing in precious metals IRAs look out for fees both once and on an ongoing basis.


Depository storage facilities that house IRA precious metals are carefully monitored and secured, adhering to IRS regulations with regards to sizes, management capabilities, record keeping capabilities and other factors. They offer vault storage options which offer the highest levels of protection.

Many gold IRA companies work closely with these depositories to ensure full compliance with IRS rules, providing services like selecting appropriate metals for your IRA, setting up your account with a self-directed IRA custodian, and shipping gold directly to its depository of choice.

Though some individuals advocate the creation of home storage gold IRAs, this isn’t something the IRS supports or approves of. Even if you create an LLC to store gold at home without incurring IRS penalties for distribution penalties; an IRA must always be kept at an approved financial institution to avoid distribution penalties.

Vault Storage

The IRS mandates that physical gold purchased for an IRA be stored at an approved depository, not at home. Although some gold IRA companies advertise “home storage”, displaying multiple bars in what looks like a personal safe–this method of storage violates IRS rules and exposes your precious metals to theft, tarnishing, natural disasters and other risks.

Gold IRA providers now offer private vault storage options that are approved by the IRS, complete with high-level security measures and professional inventory management, as well as full insurance protection against loss or damage.

No matter which storage method you choose, make sure you select an IRA custodian with experience in handling precious metals like gold. A reliable custodian will keep accurate records, report to the IRS and handle administrative duties for you – plus they could offer helpful advice about which precious metals would best suit your retirement portfolio.

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