Where is the Best Place to Invest in an IRA?

Where is the best place to invest in an IRA

Fidelity is an ideal full-service brokerage with plenty of investment and retirement planning tools, including all major IRA types as well as commission-free ETFs. Plus, its investing app makes managing investments much simpler!

Charles Schwab may be an ideal full-service broker with an exceptional mobile app and competitive fees, its robo-advisor offering low fees while tailoring your portfolio based on your allocation preferences, risk tolerance and diversification goals.


Vanguard is one of the United States’ top brokerage firms, known for providing low-cost investments with long-term growth potential. Pioneer of index funds that focus on diversification and long-term growth. A wide selection of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) available with various per share prices is also offered through Vanguard.

Vanguard’s low fees have enabled it to attract over $1 trillion in assets, far surpassing other, longer-established fund companies. Morningstar analyst Lucas notes that Vanguard’s rock-bottom fee structure has even forced competitors to offer better offers for investors in response.

Vanguard takes an old-school approach to its trading platform, lacking research tools found at other brokers. Furthermore, it charges an annual account service fee of $20; this fee may be waived by opting in for statement e-delivery instead. Nonetheless, Vanguard provides numerous retirement accounts including traditional and Roth IRAs as well as SEP and SIMPLE IRAs for self-employed workers; it also has several mutual funds with minimum investments from $1,000 up to $100k.


Betterment offers an exceptional automated investment experience, using its robo-advisor to build portfolios that match your goals and risk tolerance using algorithms. Betterment charges low fees while offering an extensive selection of exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Betterment boasts an outstanding mobile app and offers superior IRA accounts – with Roth support! Additionally, Betterment has an attractive cash back program on online brokerage trades.

SoFi offers more than just IRAs; they also provide checking and savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans and wealth management services. Their investing app is user-friendly with low commissions but may lack some tools found on competing apps. Their IRA offering includes SIMPLE IRAs for self-employed individuals as well as SEP IRAs that require self-deposit. Robo advisor fees are reasonable with a $5,000 minimum investment portfolio threshold; Additionally they have an impressive selection of ETFs that come commission free!


Fidelity offers one of the widest selections of mutual funds available and many are commission-free, in addition to waiving fees on accounts under $25,000. Plus, Fidelity waives robo-advisor fees for balances of less than $25,000.

Schwab is another outstanding full-featured broker with excellent customer service and numerous trading options, offering thousands of mutual funds with no transaction fee and its proprietary trading platform thinkorswim. However, its only drawbacks include its high robo-advisor minimum requirement and less user-friendly investing platform than rivals.

This brokerage boasts zero fees for IRA accounts, including Roth IRAs. There are no account opening or maintenance fees, minimum deposits or balance requirements and commission charges on stock and option trades; additionally it provides free research and charting tools – making this brokerage ideal for active traders with self-directed IRAs wanting to invest in stocks or alternatives such as real estate or private equity investments.

Interactive Brokers

Your investments determine what returns your IRA can generate. Riskier assets like stocks have generally proven more successful over time than safer options like CDs; however, they also come with greater volatility.

Vanguard pioneered low-cost index investing decades ago and remains an outstanding option for passive investors with all types of accounts, such as IRAs. Their mutual fund selection (including their own funds) comes without transaction fees to make this an attractive choice for all passive investors.

Schwab is another solid option for full-featured brokerage, offering robust trading and investment platforms, solid stock research capabilities, excellent customer service and no transaction-fee mutual funds – including SEP and SIMPLE IRAs not offered by many other brokers – while also being light on robo-advisors; though with slightly higher minimum investment requirements than its rivals. Read our comprehensive review of Schwab here.

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