Which IRA is Best For Crypto?

Investing cryptocurrency through an IRA provides substantial tax advantages. Both traditional and Roth IRA accounts allow investors to receive tax deductions upfront while paying no taxes until withdrawing your money from their respective accounts.

These top 3 crypto IRA providers offer investors an easy and cost-effective way to invest in cryptocurrency through their retirement account, with fees that are significantly lower than what most IRA providers charge.


With iTrustCapital, your retirement funds can be safely invested in cryptocurrency and gold investments. The company supports Traditional, Roth, SEP IRAs as well as low fees with no account minimums and easy setup, all while boasting an outstanding Trustpilot rating.

At Crypto IRAs, their fees are highly transparent and competitively low compared to competitors in the crypto IRA market. You only pay a flat 1% crypto transaction fee with no monthly fees attached – plus, your IRA allows you to buy precious metals such as gold and silver without incurring additional transaction costs!

Coinbase serves as the custodian for iTrustCapital, meaning your cryptocurrency investments are stored cold storage and insured up to $320 million compared with some other services which only provide hot storage with no insurance protection. This makes iTrustCapital an excellent choice for beginners or anyone seeking diversification with cryptocurrency investments; but keep in mind that investing in any IRA poses risks of its own.

Regal Assets

Regal Assets is an industry leader when it comes to gold IRAs and offers an assortment of metals for investment in your IRA. Additionally, their crypto IRA option allows investors to invest in 21 cryptocurrencies that do not fall under any central banking control, meaning their value does not fluctuate with economic fluctuations.

The company boasts thousands of social media followers and a top-tier customer service team, and are members of Forbes and INC 500 as well as mass-media outlets like RT America and Bloomberg. Customers can even visit one of their offices in Southern California to purchase precious metals in person!

Regal Assets provides IRA-eligible gold, silver and platinum bars and coins, cryptocurrency as well as storage through Brinks (an industry leader for wealth security and logistics). Furthermore, Regal Assets does not charge setup fees for one year after you open an account with us.


CoinIRA is an established cryptocurrency IRA provider for self-directed investors, offering a fully transparent process and variety of options for managing cryptos. Their security features are among the best available; including institutional grade cold storage. Their custodial accounts are protected in grade 5 nuclear bunkers monitored by on-site guards.

One of the main advantages of cryptocurrency IRAs is their tax-free investment options, making this an especially useful vehicle given their high degree of volatility and rapid decline. Still, investing in cryptos may prove risky so before diving in with both feet you should carefully assess all associated benefits and drawbacks.

Crypto IRAs have become increasingly popular, yet many questions still exist regarding their future. While some experts predict cryptocurrencies will keep rising in value, others worry they could crash completely. It is essential that your investments be held in a safe place such as an IRA.


BitIRA is a financial provider that assists US residents to invest in cryptocurrency using their retirement funds. Established by Birch Gold Group in 2017, BitIRA was among the first platforms offering alternative investments like bitcoin. Offering crypto custody services through Equity Trust Company and Preferred Trust Company.

This service also offers educational articles and a knowledge base, in addition to free weekly email newsletters to provide further insight into market changes and guide investment decisions with informed knowledge.

BitIRA stands out from other methods of buying cryptocurrency by providing comprehensive insurance coverage against theft, hacking and physical loss. Furthermore, its storage solution emulates Fort Knox by protecting user keys in grade-5 nuclear bunkers guarded by armed security professionals – this makes BitIRA one of the safest ways to buy cryptocurrencies; however, its fees leave something to be desired.

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