Which IRA is Best For Crypto?

Which IRA is best for crypto

Crypto IRAs give investors the option of investing in cryptocurrency via tax-sheltered retirement accounts, providing diversification and potentially big returns.

Consider providers that take security seriously, including cold storage solutions that offer offline segregated cold storage as well as high-value insurance policies to protect against hacking or theft.


iTrustCapital is a crypto-IRA platform offering a simple and straightforward method of investing in both cryptocurrency and physical gold. Since launching in 2018, this self-directed IRA crypto investing platform has grown into one of the top self-directed IRA platforms with low, transparent fees that make it attractive for those looking to add cryptocurrency investments into their retirement portfolios.

iTrustCapital stands out from competitors by not charging any setup or monthly fees, only charging a flat transaction fee of 1% when buying or selling cryptocurrency – making for significant savings over competitors who charge up to 2% per trade!

iTrustCapital provides investors with access to over 34 different crypto assets on its platform for purchase or sale, although this selection remains relatively small compared to some of its competitors that provide hundreds of coins via integration with exchanges such as Coinbase. Furthermore, taking custody of cryptocurrency before reaching retirement age could result in tax implications; so all IRA investments held with third-party custodians.

Bitcoin Advizers

Cryptocurrency IRAs offer a secure and straightforward method for investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, while Coin IRA provides all-in-one services that help you buy cryptocurrency safely, store it safely within an IRA custodial account, and receive regular reports to track your investments.

Though Bitcoin’s value has surged recently, it still represents a relatively new asset with limited history and fluctuating volatility. Therefore, investing in it remains highly speculative as its exchanges may experience outages, hacking or fraudulent activity – it is therefore essential for advisers to educate clients about the risks associated with cryptocurrency assets as part of an overall portfolio strategy.

Advisers looking to incorporate digital assets proactively into client portfolios should take great care in reviewing the disclosures and acknowledgements in their client brochures to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, as well as including language in these forms to indicate that cryptocurrency investments should only be undertaken if one can bear to lose their entire investment amount.


BitIRA is a digital asset custodian offering tax-deferred crypto investments. With impressive security protocols and an array of supported assets, prospective investors should carefully consider their financial goals and risk preferences before selecting a service like this one.

BitIRA manages all legal and compliance aspects associated with setting up a cryptocurrency IRA and works with partners to purchase digital assets through partner exchanges. They also help consumers select an optimal mix of digital assets for their IRA. Their specialists are on-hand throughout every step of this process to assist their customers.

BitIRA’s website boasts a user-friendly interface that makes navigation straightforward. Balance lookup tools offer instantaneous updates on digital currency performance – perfect for those who value immediate feedback on performance. Furthermore, this platform provides end-to-end insurance coverage as well as true offline cold storage of private keys for added peace of mind and offers access to popular cryptocurrencies with a low minimum investment requirement.


Coinbase is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange and one of the easiest ways to purchase crypto. Users can buy and sell bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and over 50 other cryptocurrencies through this app, while they also gain access to a wallet as well as the opportunity to earn rewards by watching educational videos, taking small quizzes or transferring funds between accounts.

Coinbase Pro, designed for more experienced traders, provides charting tools and real-time order book feed. Users pay lower trading fees with Coinbase Pro; its app also lets them deposit and withdraw cash using ACH transfers, debit cards or money wires.

This app also provides a Visa debit card that makes spending cryptocurrency effortless, while earning rewards. Furthermore, its minimum balance requirements are among the lowest among cryptocurrency exchanges; and repeat buys allow investors to dollar-cost average their positions over time – something many competitors lack.

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