Why Are 1 Oz Gold Coins Different Prices?

Krugerrand, Maple Leaf and 50 Dollar Eagle coins each contain 1 oz of gold; yet their prices differ considerably. Why is that?

Gold’s price is determined by market forces, while coin dealers base their premiums off of its spot price, which changes hour-by-hour throughout the day and is displayed live on our website.


One of the primary differences between gold coins is their weight. Within the precious metals industry, this term refers to each coin’s troy ounce of fine gold content. Although smaller coins such as 1/10 oz exist, 1 oz coins offer a substantial yet affordable investment option.

These annual 1 oz American Gold Eagles from the US Mint feature an elegant redesign inspired by Augustus Saint-Gauden’s $20 Saint-Gaudens coin, used as money until 1933. As legal tender, Gold Eagles are supported by both their government and sell for their gold content plus an added premium.

The Gold Maple Leaf and Krugerrand coins both carry higher premiums due to their artistic designs; however, these coins contain exactly the same amount of gold as more affordable counterparts; ultimately the difference in pricing comes down to premiums as well as additional labor requirements in producing these numismatic coins versus bullion bars.


Gold content and purity play an integral role in determining its overall value, with some coins such as the American Gold Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf boasting fineness levels between.9999-.99999 – making them amongst the highest quality bullion available worldwide and commanding premiums above their gold spot price, making them highly sought-after 1 oz gold coins.

However, other coins feature lower finenesses compared to these standards. Sovereign gold coins such as South African Krugerrands and British Sovereign Gold Coins feature finenesses between 916.7 to.9959 pure – significantly less than many of their counterparts, but still carry significant premiums due to their recognizable designs and legal tender status – making them attractive options for investors and collectors alike. Furthermore, due to increased liquidity on secondary market platforms.


The 1 oz American Eagle gold coin is one of the world’s most beloved bullion coins, first authorized by US Congress under the Bullion Coin Act in 1985 and considered an official investment choice among gold investors and collectors worldwide.

Each coin depicts a family of American eagles on its reverse, while on its obverse there is an adaptation from Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Double Eagle gold coin introduced in 1907. It depicts Lady Liberty with flowing hair holding a torch in her right hand while Roman numerals from 1986-91 have been replaced with Arabic numbers since that date.

On its obverse side, each coin features an eagle landing in its nest designed by Miley Busiek and stamped with its legal tender face value of $50 and features the U.S. Mint mark “W”. Additionally, weight, purity, and denomination information is printed.


As with the stocks of publicly-traded companies, gold’s price can fluctuate constantly as demand and supply for physical precious metals fluctuate on commodity markets.

1 oz gold coins provide a convenient investment vehicle and serve as an effective protection against an ever-devaluing dollar. Investors looking for added diversification in their portfolios often turn to them; legal tender can even be held within self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

Discover a vast selection of 1 oz gold coins produced by world-renowned mints such as the U.S. Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint, with popular investment bullion coin series such as American Eagle, Maple Leaf and Krugerrand coins each containing one troy ounce of pure gold containing 999.99 purity – delivered safely in plastic coin flips or original mint tubes depending on quantity purchased.

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