Why Are 1oz Gold Coins Different Prices?

Why are 1oz gold coins different prices

Clients may become perplexed when two gold coins with identical weight and purity but listing at different prices are presented for sale. There are various factors involved with pricing a coin that many may not realize impact its price.

First and foremost, it’s essential that investors understand that any gold bullion coin, bar or round purchased equals one troy ounce of gold – this will serve as the basis for price comparisons.

Supply and Demand

When investing in gold, investors have two options available to them: bars or coins. Coins offer more protection from spot market volatility than bars do.

Coins often command higher premiums than bullion products due to their relative scarcity and collectability.

1 oz gold coins are popular investments due to their well-known designs and provenance from top mints worldwide, as well as their lower cost per ounce relative to bars. Coins also tend to offer legal tender face value and can be held within self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). But not all gold coins are equal – there may be differences in cost per ounce between coins issued from various government agencies; here are some factors affecting their cost per ounce:.

Minting Costs

One troy ounce gold coins are among the most sought-after options, offering the ideal blend of weight and usability when held. They provide ample satisfaction both visually and when held – two features which have led to their enormous success in this category.

The 1 oz American Gold Eagle is no different. Although its legal tender face value of $50 may seem like enough, its true worth depends on commodity exchanges where gold prices fluctuate.

JM Bullion provides collectors and investors alike with an assortment of 1oz gold bullion coins suitable for collectors and investors, from popular Krugerrand and Britannia coins to those exempt from Capital Gains Tax, making building portfolios with affordable and competitive bullion easier than ever before. By comparing prices of these coins across multiple dealers we make this possible – offering our clients the lowest possible cost near to spot.


The one ounce gold coin is one of the world’s most beloved bullion coins, bearing both its metal content and legal tender face value in USD. The American Gold Eagle contains 22-karat gold with a small amount of copper-silver alloy to make it heavier than an actual troy ounce; on its obverse is Augustus Saint Gaudens’ design from his $20 Saint -Gaudens Double Eagle that was used as money until 1907. The design features on its reverse.

Popular options for investors looking for exposure to gold prices include the 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf coin made in Canada using pure gold mined there and boasting 9999 fineness – one of the purest bullion coins currently available and therefore an ideal way to diversify metal portfolios and gain exposure to prices of physical metals.


Grading coins involves the evaluation of both their appearance and condition. Collectors frequently pay more than their face value for graded coins that are in perfect condition – these perfect specimens often achieve Mint State 70 (MS) grades from PCGS or NGC and display full, original mint luster with no noticeable flaws on their surfaces.

Due to the impact that coin grade can have on its price, many investors opt for certified gold coins from trusted bullion dealers like APMEX. These certified coins come encapsulated in impact-resistant, tamper-proof slabs with the Sheldon Grading Scale printed directly on them; multiples of 20 come packaged in tubes while multiples of 500 can be found within red Monster Boxes for easy transport and storage.


Gold coins are an easy and straightforward way to invest in precious metals. Offering various designs and making adding wealth simple and accessible.

They add an exquisite and distinctive element to any collection, with designs commemorating mythology, history, pop culture and films as well as contemporary trends available to collectors.

Price for 1 oz bullion gold coins typically follows the fluctuating spot price of gold on commodity exchanges like COMEX. Premiums may also be added on top of this base price to cover dealer profits and production expenses.

American Eagle coins stand out among other bullion gold coins as they possess legal tender face values of $50 each; however, their market values depend upon both their gold content and current spot prices.

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