Why Do You Need an LLC for a Self Directed IRA?

An LLC is a legal structure designed to shield owners from liability. According to IRS rules, LLC-owned IRAs can invest in real estate, precious metals and private placements.

Self-Directed IRA investors frequently employ LLCs as it gives them greater flexibility, control, and wealth building potential. You can write checks directly from an IRA-owned LLC bank account into investments without needing to go through a custodian and pay extra review fees.

Liability Protection

Self-directed IRA LLCs (also referred to as checkbook control LLCs) enable account holders to oversee investment activities without needing custodian paperwork as custodians would usually do. This arrangement saves time, money, and effort in dealing with paperwork associated with managing investments directly from within an IRA account.

But an IRA owner must be mindful not to engage in prohibited transactions when managing their LLC, and work with legal counsel that understands IRA rules in order to establish parameters within its operating agreement in order to limit or avoid prohibited transactions.

An LLC provides multiple advantages when investing, such as liability protection and pass-through income. However, not all retirement accounts need one: passive investments like REITs and ETFs as well as crowdfunded property investments may offer similar returns at lower costs. Speak with a SmartAsset advisor today about whether an IRA LLC would work well in your retirement strategy; no fees or commitment are necessary! Get started right away without incurring fees or commitment.

Pass-Through Income

Over 22 million LLCs are used in the US for business and investment ventures. Retirement funds invested into an LLC become tax free income that can then be used for additional purchases – just be sure that it abides with IRS guidelines regarding disqualified parties, prohibited transactions and self-dealing!

An LLC IRA is another popular choice for self directed IRA investors looking to diversify their portfolio and even out yearly returns by investing in alternative assets, as it provides pass-through income that flows directly into your retirement account without incurring corporate level taxes. By diversifying and smoothing out returns over time, this allows your IRA to diversify its investments while broadening its return potential.

Real estate investors who desire greater control of their investment process should consider an IRA LLC as an option. Establishing such an entity can speed up transaction processes and enable you to open a business checking account quickly. If this sounds appealing to you, speak with IRA Resources’ experts about creating one yourself!


An LLC within a Self-Directed IRA can often provide for easier “checkbook control” when investing, particularly with real estate investments where an IRA could assume ownership alongside other partners, such as closely held family businesses and farms or commercial apartment buildings.

IRS rules allow retirement accounts to invest in almost any asset class, with one notable exception: disqualified investments involving any of their owners (spouse, children, parents or 10% or more ownership in LLC or companies under their control). One option for protecting one’s own finances while keeping their Self-Directed IRA separate is through an LLC structure.

An IRA LLC provides you with more options when investing in real estate, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, precious metals, loans and tax liens, or private equity – providing true diversification which helps safeguard against market fluctuations.


Clients invest in an IRA LLC for alternative assets, like real estate and private businesses, for three primary reasons: inherent asset protection, pass-through taxation and flexibility. Furthermore, this solution makes transactions simpler as there’s no need to go through a custodian and can save on transaction fees and annual maintenance fees; additionally “checkbook control” allows owners of an IRA bank account directly access their bank account to make investments without passing money through a custodian.

Establishing an IRA LLC structure quickly is easily possible with legal document providers offering an IRA LLC formation package. When choosing such a provider, make sure they utilize a registered agent in the state where the LLC will be registered as well as complying with local laws regarding ownership and filings – this will prevent delays during registration process.

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