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Precious metals such as palladium, gold and silver offer several benefits as an investment option. As a result, there is an increase in the number of people seeking to join in the industry. Companies dealing in the trade of gold are many, and some questionable characters are also joining the business to cash in on the high demand.

Given the nature of the industry, most people have no idea what to invest in or how the process works and end up losing money. Thankfully, you can now find reviews of different companies online and with proper research; you can separate the legit companies from bad ones. One of the companies that provide precious metals services is AmeriGold, and this is a look at what it offers and their reputation in the business.

About AmeriGold

AmeriGold is a company in the US that deals in the sale and purchase of precious metal items. It is based in Colorado, Denver and was opened in 1998 and its founder Greg McCoach is still the current CEO. He built his reputation for being among the first people to forecast that gold prices would go past $1000 per ounce following the financial crisis is 2008.
His passion for getting into the gold trade industry was fueled by the security offered by the metals and the economic principles described in J. Paul Getty’s autobiography.

The company has been in business for 20 years and does not use advertising. Instead, it relies on word of mouth and relies on referrals for new clients. According to the company’s website, their stay in the market using this marketing model is proof of their exceptional service and advice.

The AmeriGold Website

The company’s website is It serves as the online platform for the company since it lacks any social media presence. The site functions more as a platform to learn about the company. It is easy to get around the cleanly designed site. Since you are not disclosing any personal information over the website, it does not have stringent privacy security measures.

The site has a straightforward presentation of different issues and attempts to answer most questions a client would have regarding the industry and its operations. Everything is broken down in a question-answer format allowing you to access what you are looking for faster and makes skimming through easier.

Educational resources

As already mentioned, the website gives more information and resources to prospective clients regarding the operations of AmeriGold. There is much emphasis on the process of how the client gets to do business with the company.

To this end, there are several guides on how you can buy various products. Information is provided regarding how to initiate contact, the company policy, and how it sets its prices. You also know the kind of products involved, minimum amounts, the price lock period, payment options and shipping methods and costs.

For general news in the industry, websites visitors will have to check the various charts, and there is an option of having a newsletter sent to you. Other educational resources on the site include the FAQ page that covers most of the concerns a client could have.

The company also prides itself as having honest representatives who will guide a client on the merits of different options available. Customers can then pick an investment that best serves their interests and has opportunities for high returns.

Product and services provided

AmeriGold engages in the sale and purchasing of;

  • gold
  • silver
  • palladium
  • platinum
  • bullion
  • numismatic products
  • world coins

Most of its bullion coins and bars are eligible for deposit in an IRA. To serve clients looking to set up a precious metals IRA and use its various facilities, AmeriGold guides the clients to the best-suited IRA custodians. These custodians provide services involving rollovers or funding and running self-directed IRAs.

To trade with the company, you call the company and ask for a quote regarding the specific item. If you like the purchasing or selling quote received, then you inform the representative to lock in your transaction, and the company will cover you in the market. You have to submit payment or deposit your items within the window provided, or you will have to cover for costs after it is over.

The minimum amount for all transactions is $5,000. The company does not post its fees on the site, so you have to call and find out, as it is dependent on the amount of the transaction. It ships its items to the US and Canada and payment is only through a wire transfer or a personal check. The company says it has no hidden charges beyond the price quoted.

AmeriGold Ratings on Consumer Review Sites

AmeriGold is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Industrial Council for Tangible Assets, (ICTA). It has a rating of A+ on the Better Business Bureau, which is the only thing about the company reputation you can get online.

Even on BBB where it is listed and with that stellar rating, the company has had no review whether positive or negative for all the 20 years it has been in operation. It is not listed on BCA nor verified on TrustLink, but still, there are no reviews of any kind on those platforms. The same applies to other review and complaints sites like Ripoff Report.

The fact that the company has had no negative review for the last two decades is excellent. However, the lack of any online reputation perspective from its clients does not also help its cause. Part of it could be explained by the company’s marketing approach and the fact that most of the business is conducted in a personal manner.


AmeriGold has all the significant licenses and accreditation it needs and has been operating for twenty years now, which makes it a legitimate business. Its CEO is a public figure who has built a reputation for accurate market forecasts. The firm’s business rests on its reputation, primarily because it relies on word of mouth and return clients. All these factors reduce the chances of the company engaging in unfair and unethical practices. However, at the time of writing this you can take advantage of an amazing deal by American Hartford Gold and get Price Match Guarantee, 100% FREE IRA Rollover and Free Silver. Make sure to give them a call now on 866-429-4408 before the end of July 2024 or click here to read more about this special deal and why Bill O’Reilly is recommending them.


- Licensed by the US Mint

- Accredited by BBB and ICTA

- No known complaints or scandals

- Reliable investment information

- 20 years of industry experience


- It does not have a well known online reputation

- It does not offer a digital IRA application

- Website not encrypted (not safe)

- Has limited payment options

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