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How to Start a Gold IRA

Gold IRAs are self-directed retirement accounts that enable investors to invest in precious metals like silver and gold directly, either from scratch or by rolling over existing tax-advantaged accounts. Add precious metals to your IRA is not without costs, however. There may be costs for account setup, annual maintenance fees and storage and insurance. As with any investment decision, do your research to find the most favorable prices. Contribution Limits Gold IRAs can be funded with new money or funds...
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Does Physical Gold Attract Wealth Tax?

Investing in gold usually entails purchasing actual, physical quantities. But many investors also invest in financial products that effectively own gold bullion for them. Sold precious metals generate short-term capital gains that must be added to one’s income and taxed according to slab rates, unlike how stocks or mutual funds generate long-term capital gains that must be added as income and taxed accordingly. Capital Gains Tax Gold and precious metals investments have become a popular way of diversifying assets and...
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Can I Roll My TSP Into a Gold IRA?

If you are considering the conversion of your Traditional Savings Plan into a Gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA), it is advisable to seek advice from financial and tax professionals in order to create an ideal plan that aligns with your specific goals. An investment in physical precious metals such as gold and silver bars allows you to invest without counterparty risk or any depreciation over time. What is a gold IRA? Gold IRAs are Individual Retirement Accounts that permit their...
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How Reliable is the Elliott Wave Theory?

The Elliott Wave Theory is a set of rules and guidelines traders and investors should abide by to identify market trends and anticipate market reversals. It relies on the assumption that markets move in repeating cycles. These patterns can be identified by looking at price charts and recognizing smaller patterns that form part of larger ones, thus providing a way to detect Fibonacci time zones and retracement levels. Waves are repetitive Elliott Wave Theory can identify recurring patterns in financial...
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Can I Move My IRA to an Offshore Account?

Moving an IRA (or 401K) offshore significantly expands your investment possibilities. Switching your retirement account over to a Self-Directed IRA LLC gives you access to overseas bank and brokerage accounts as well as foreign hedge funds, real estate investments and even private businesses for investment purposes. Diversifying into emerging market currencies and protecting them from civil creditors are two additional benefits of doing so, which we will outline here. Taxes Moving an IRA (and/or 401K, 403B, etc) offshore does come...
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