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Can You Hold Physical Gold?

Many investors turn to physical gold as a hedge against an economic downturn, yet storage fees for physical gold can be prohibitively costly; depending on its size and value, fees could range anywhere from $30 a year up to several hundreds. Physical gold also presents risks such as storage expenses, performance lags and taxes; to mitigate them consider investing in a gold ETF instead. Easy to buy Physical gold purchases, whether bullion or coins, can be costly when accounting for...
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Capital Gains Tax When Selling Silver

Capital gains tax applies to any profit realized from selling precious metals at a profit, which is calculated by subtracting their cost basis from their selling price and taxed at up to 28%. Some types of silver sales do not trigger reporting obligations, including 90 percent silver coins and 0.9999 fine silver bars over 1000 troy ounces. However, most silver sales require some form of reporting obligation. Reporting and Filing Taxes Though you cannot avoid capital gains tax when selling...
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Which IRA is Best For Crypto?

Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs, make saving for the future easy on a tax-deferred basis. Along with providing custody services and investing options. BitIRA is a Bitcoin-only crypto IRA provider that makes investing in cryptocurrency simpler for retirement savings. They offer competitive initial deposit and trading fees, multiple IRA options and 24/7 trading access. Taxes Cryptocurrencies have gained much-deserved notoriety for their tremendous price gains over recent years, yet it’s essential that investors fully comprehend the risks before attempting any...
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When Should I Sell My IRA Stock?

Stocks are an integral component of most retirement savings portfolios. Assessing asset allocation regularly, monitoring any deviations from intended targets, and realigning accordingly is vital in successfully managing retirement assets. Trading stocks within a traditional or Roth IRA doesn’t create any taxable events; the IRS only taxes withdrawals at your marginal tax rate when they’re actually taken. 1. Short-term gains Are You an Active Trader Who Realizes Gains Within an IRA? Realizing gains within an IRA can be a great...
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How to Prove Ownership of Gold Bars

Gold bars come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and weights. Some are cast, while others may be minted or stamped – regardless of their manufacturing method, most gold bars feature serial numbers engraved into them for identification purposes. Keep this information on hand in case of selling gold to an online bullion dealer, pawn shop or another retailer. Verify Your Bar’s Serial Number Gold bars typically feature serial numbers engraved into them as an effective security measure to deter...
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