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Gainesville Coins was founded on the vision to offer every customer the opportunity to buy U.S. and World Silver and Gold Coins at prices never before possible. In this review are going to take a look at the company’s offerings and compare to the industry how they rank, we will also take a look at what they do well and where the company struggles. Gainesville Coins is seen as an industry leader when it comes to offering excellence customer service and providing satisfaction at the highest quality. They hold an ‘A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and more importantly hold a 5-star rating with the national Inflation Association, and has received the Best Bullion Award in 2010.

Being involved in the commodity industry is vital to their success as they work with many numismatic and coin dealers around the globe. Gainesville Coins offers a wealth of products and educational material on their site. While Gainesville does not directly offer Precious Metal IRA’s they do work closely with several provides that can help to further educate and establish a retirement account eligible for precious metals.

Precious Metal IRAs

Gainesville Coins partners with several IRA providers to offer their consumer’s investment options that will meet their various needs. In doing so, the Gainesville is positioned to offer quality and certified precious metal coins and bullion bars, among other products to their clients. It is important to understand the types of IRA’s available. There are two types of self-directed IRA’s that retail investors typically choose from to invest into precious metals. While each IRA has its own benefits and perks, its best to talk with a certified custodian to identify which option may be best.

The Traditional IRA utilized pretax dollars and allows for tax free growth within the account. These can be great for certain individuals because contributions to the Traditional IRA can reduce your tax burden, however you are still required to pay taxes on the distributions from the Traditional IRA. The second type is the Roth IRA which again provides investors with tax free growth however, the Roth IRA is funded using post tax dollars. The largest perk from the Roth IRA comes once you begin taking distributions from the account, as the distributions are tax free.

With market volatility and continuous chatter about the potential for a bear market, many investors are spooked and looking for ways to protect their retirement accounts. Precious metals have always been viewed as a secure and safe way to diversify from the equity and bond markets.

Gainesville Coins Inventory

Gainesville Coins has an extensive inventory and is one of the many reasons they can provide such quality and competitive prices across so many types of precious metal products. They offer several types of precious metal products including bullion, numismatic items, and modern collectibles. Bullion products include government-issued coins and bars and rounds which that come from major mints and can be purchased in bulk or on a wholesale basis. They have many partnerships with other numismatic coin dealers so it is easy to ensure you find the right product at an affordable price.

When holding precious metals in your IRA it is important that you know the quality of the bars and coins are of highest level and are free from fraud and tampering. Every order undergoes multiple checks to ensure the contents of your package arrive safely and securely, each product is photographed prior to shipping and detailed tracking information for every package shipped is kept. In addition, they offer fully insured and qualified delivery of the order.

Most precious metal IRA’s do not allow the owner to take position of their precious metal and are required to store it at a qualified and secured storage facility. For a minimal fee, Gainesville Coins offer fully insured storage to protect against potential damage, physical loss or theft. Their storage process do not allow for assets to co-mingle or mix with another client’s, so you can rest assured that the items deposited are the items received.

Gainesville Coins Ratings on Consumer Review Sites


In our review of Gainesville Coins, we identified that they have a great inventory of products and quality customer service team; however, user and consumer reviews of the company do show many issues with delivery of products, and ensuring the proper order was delivered. In the issues reviewed, Gainesville Coins did work with the client to rectify the issue, but as a consumer it is important to ensure you are taking precautions when ordering precious metals online. If you are not local to Gainesville, then visit their website where you can take advantage of their competive pricing and large selection of precious metals. The website provides detail breakdown of their offerings, as well as up to minute spot process for precious metals. Gainesville Coins provides on of largest modern gold and silver bullion inventories in the country, and offers 24/7 access to an outstanding array of coins and customer service.

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  • Large selection of precious metals
  • Great prices
  • Great customer support


  • A few complaints for Gainesville Coins
  • Not listed on the BCA consumer review site + no TrustLink reviews
  • Do not directly offer Precious Metal IRA’s

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