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Based out of North Carolina, Lexi Capital is also one of the most trusted gold IRA companies on our list. The company has a high focus on transparency and complete customer service. This is a big lexi capital review logobonus in an industry where many companies are focused on making sales, even if it involves misleading a customer. This has all come from the founders of the company, who saw how other companies were treating customers and knew that they could set out to do better. Lexi Capital does more than provide static, emailed information to its clients. Lexi Capital delivers both updated education and live information to clients regularly.


The primary service of Lexi Capital

Lexi Capital is a financial company that primarily focuses on preparing the most recession-proof retirement accounts for future retirees. The company was founded in 2010 when a group of entrepreneurs wanted to find a more secure way for people to prepare for retirement after watching the 2008 financial crisis devalue so many traditional IRAs and 401Ks. Lexi Capital decided that going back to the basics of long-term investing was vital.


Gold IRA approved coins offered by Lexi Capital

Lexi Capital’s website does not sell all of the coins that you can use in a gold IRA. The coins offered by Lexi Capital are:

  • The Gold American Eagle
  • The Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

They also offer one ounce gold bars.



Because gold IRAs are the main focus of Lexi Capital they have partnered with SDIRA Services INC to provide easy account setups and rollovers. Forms can be filled out online or printed out and completed the traditional way. Having a partnered custodian is a big advantage as it makes processing easier.


Lexi Capital Ratings on Consumer Review Sites


Lexi Capital currently does not have any complaints or lawsuits and the various rating websites do not list any past complaints or lawsuits. Every rating website out there holds the company in high regards. For example, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has awarded it an A+, the highest rating they offer.





- Overall good reputation on consumer review sites

- Great Customer service


- Small inventory compared to competitors

- No engagement with TrustLink


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This Lexi Capital review was updated on Sunday, August 1, 2020


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