Can I Store My IRA Gold at Home?

Gold has long been considered an attractive investment vehicle. It can serve to hedge against inflation, protect privacy and build wealth over time – qualities which make gold an enviable commodity.

Your gold will remain safe and secure while meeting IRS requirements. A depository institution approved as an IRA can offer segregated storage solutions, making the IRS rules compliant and keeping your gold secure and protected.


The IRS imposes stringent guidelines regarding what precious metal coins and bars can be stored in gold IRAs. Their regulations aim to ensure people invest only in investment-grade precious metals rather than collectibles or bullion that should not be stored long term. All IRA approved products must also be stored with an authorized depository to be compliant with IRS regulations.

Dependent upon your circumstances, a traditional or SEP gold IRA could be the right option for you. These retirement accounts work just like any other IRA: making contributions with pretax dollars while paying income taxes when withdrawing them during retirement.

These companies help facilitate gold IRAs by helping you roll over or transfer existing retirement investments into self-directed precious metals IRAs, then assist you in selecting products suitable to your needs and shipping them directly to an IRA-approved depository for storage – these services often include fees associated with shipping and insurance as part of their offering.


Precious metals offer great potential as retirement accounts investments, yet it is vitally important that account holders understand the risks before investing in precious metals. Although precious metals may seem like safe haven investments during times of turmoil, they may not always provide as much security.

Home storage of an IRA gold account is illegal and subject to harsh penalties from the IRS. The government did not intend for regular taxpayers to act as trustees for their own IRA accounts, or else laws would be written differently.

At home storage can also incur additional fees such as custodian maintenance charges and wire transfer and sending/receiving fees; these expenses quickly add up, lessening any benefits of investing in physical precious metals. Therefore, it is wise to partner with a professional company offering comprehensive storage and handling services.


Home storage of gold IRA assets offers some potential benefits; however, you must also understand its risks. Should the Internal Revenue Service audit your IRA and discover you stored precious metals at home without reporting it as required by regulations, you will face taxation immediately and potentially significant fines from them.

To avoid penalties and keep your gold safe, it is crucial that it is stored at an authorized third-party facility. Many gold IRA companies offer storage solutions so you don’t have to find and pay for space yourself.

Investment in a gold-backed IRA can be an effective way to safeguard your nest egg against inflation and the falling dollar. Gold IRAs come in various forms: Traditional, ROTH, SEP-IRA or SIMPLE accounts that allow account owners to self-direct the account by holding physical gold coins and bars eligible for inclusion within an IRA account. Most popular among them are all-precious metals IRAs which allow investors to buy various forms of precious metals.


Due to their physical nature, gold IRA investments require special storage rules from the IRS. Generally speaking, Gold IRAs should be kept at a depository that belongs to or is operated by either your custodian, dealer, or third-party storage provider – your custodian can recommend one directly or you may choose your own storage provider independently.

No matter which storage option you select for your Gold IRA, some fees will be associated with it. Most commonly these include seller fees that are added onto the price of precious metals purchased.

Another fee associated with Gold IRAs is an account setup fee, typically low and non-unique to this form of investment account. Investors should expect a transaction or investment fee when making purchases through dealers who sell precious metals into your Gold IRA.

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