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How to Liquidate Gold

Gold has long held a special attraction for investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Many see it as a store of value and way to protect against inflation. But before trying to sell physical gold, it’s crucial that you conduct proper due diligence. Knowing how to avoid being duped and select an ethical buyer are vitally important components of success. Cash for Gold People often have gold jewelry, coins or scrap lying around their homes that is no longer...
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Can You Invest in Gold in the Thrift Savings Plan?

Gold may not be your only retirement savings option. An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows you to diversify investments over time. In particular, many savers like lifecycle funds which make allocation decisions automatically based on when their planned date of retirement will occur. Before investing your TSP into a gold IRA, be sure to conduct research from reliable, impartial sources on this topic. Avoid companies that may have an incentive to sell you their product and ensure you make an...
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How Do I Sell My Inherited Gold?

An inheritance of precious metal coins is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio, but beware that you could incur capital gains taxes if you decide to sell them in the future. To reduce your tax bill, be sure to follow these tips: Get an Appraisal Whenever it comes to inheriting precious metals such as gold coins, the initial step should always be getting them appraised. This is essential since coin values depend heavily on factors like weight and...
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Texas Gold Depository

The Texas Gold Depository is the nation’s first state-owned and operated vault to offer multiple layers of security to safeguard precious metal assets, with real-time monitoring by armed security specialists as well as being covered by a Lloyd’s of London insurance policy. Glenn Hegar’s office selected a firm specializing in moving and storing precious metals as the contractor to construct and manage the Depository with state supervision. Leander Austin recently saw the inaugural state-controlled bullion depository open, near Capital Metro...
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Can I Buy Gold With a SEP IRA?

Gold can provide protection from inflation while serving as a useful diversifier for portfolios. An SEP IRA allows you to invest in precious metals and tangible assets with pre-tax dollars, using pre-approved custodianship services. An exceptional SEP gold provider should offer an array of products and services, with low fees and competitive price mark-ups. Bars Are You Self-Employed or Running a Small Business? Consider investing in precious metals through a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) retirement account. This unique type of...
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