What ETF Has Gold and Silver?

Precious metals’ value often increases during times of economic distress, and ETFs offer an easy way to invest in them. These funds buy and sell shares that track a specific commodity’s price.

This list features physical-backed precious metals ETFs with low expense ratios; however, they may not be suitable for everyone.


Gold and silver Exchange Traded Funds can offer investors diversification without the hassle of physical metal ownership. These ETFs track the price of precious metals such as bullion and futures contracts; their best offerings feature low fees with high liquidity – however, tax considerations may apply differently when investing through retirement plans and 401(k).

Precious metals offer protection from inflation and are an attractive investment choice for novice investors. But their value can fluctuate depending on unpredictable market sentiment and speculation; therefore it is wise to carefully assess your personal financial situation before investing in precious metals. This fund invests in gold, silver and palladium as well as some rarer metals such as neodymium cerium and lanthanum for maximum diversification and profit potential.


Investment in precious metals can help protect against inflation. With the Federal Reserve printing money and keeping interest rates low during the COVID-19 pandemic, fiat currency has depreciated in value as a result. Buying precious metals may help act as a hedge against this currency devaluation and keep your portfolio balanced during such an unpredictable economy.

iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV) is an exchange-traded fund registered in the US that tracks silver’s price, acting as a physical precious metals ETF and owned by custodian. Each share represents fractional beneficial ownership in this trust’s net assets which include silver held by an external custodian.

SLV differs from other ETFs that track bullion prices by holding actual physical silver bars in its vaults, providing investors with more certainty compared to alternatives, such as investing in mining stocks. Furthermore, it charges an affordable expense ratio and offers easy liquidity options for investors.


REMX is an ETF designed to track companies involved in mining and processing rare earth elements and strategic metals. These elements are essential components of many cutting-edge technological devices such as LCD televisions, microchips, smartphones, as well as renewable energy technologies; unlike gold and silver they do not take up as much space on Earth’s crust.

Bullion ETFs, which are subject to banking system restrictions and emergencies, don’t hold physical precious metal bars like REMX does in bank vaults. At its inception in late 2021, this fund held 57% gold, 26% silver, and 12% palladium with an expense ratio of just 0.60%; investing through this ETF is more cost-effective and convenient than purchasing physical metal; plus its less volatile than investing directly in it!


Most precious metals ETFs focus on one metal; however, some include both gold and silver as investments. ETFs offer an easy way to invest in gold without incurring storage costs or taking on risk when buying physical bullion directly.

Physical-backed ETFs (i.e. those which hold real gold bars instead of futures contracts) offer investors greater resilience in a bear market and help ensure your money remains safe, as they tend to charge lower fees than other commodity trackers.

This list presents the top gold ETFs based on asset size, liquidity, expense ratios and low spreads – these funds contain at least $800 million in assets with retail investors that allow you to buy and sell quickly and easily.


GLTR differs from most bullion ETFs in that it does not hold physical gold bars; instead it invests in foreign small-cap mining companies with revenues derived from precious metals. This approach provides investors with exposure to multiple metals thereby mitigating risks from price volatility of any single one, while eliminating storage costs altogether.

At times of financial strain, many turn to precious metals as an investment refuge. Although there are various means by which one could invest in them, an exchange-traded fund that tracks physical precious metal markets provides the most convenient investment vehicle.

One of the best choices available to investors is GLTR, which tracks the ETFS Physical Precious Metal Basket Index and is managed by HSBC; unfortunately, its record of predatory lending, tax evasion and money laundering should put any potential investor off.

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