Which Index Fund is Best For a Roth IRA?

Roth IRA investments offer tax-free investment growth. When selecting an investment strategy for their Roth IRA account, investors should keep in mind their risk profile, timeframe of needing funds and retirement goals when selecting their account.

Roth IRA investors can choose from an assortment of index funds for their Roth IRA, such as broad stock index funds and bond index funds.


When investing in a Roth IRA, it is important to select low-cost funds as higher fees can eat into your returns over time. Actively managed funds usually charge more than index funds; so when making decisions between investments it is essential that costs be considered when selecting investments.

Total stock market index funds like FSKAX provide diversification and tax efficiency. These funds track thousands of stocks with various market capitalizations; their holdings are cap-weighted so that larger companies make up a larger portion than smaller ones.

People looking for diversification in their Roth IRA should consider investing in Fidelity Total Stock Market Index Fund (FSKAX). This fund is similar to its counterpart, Fidelity S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF (FXAIX), yet features lower expense ratio and greater diversification thanks to more than 4,000 stocks included in its pool of holdings.


VTI is an ideal option for investors seeking a balanced portfolio in their Roth IRA. This passive fund, which tracks the Dow Jones US Total Stock Market Index, reduces sector-specific risk while cutting fees and expenses while offering an impressive dividend yield to help increase income.

Vanguard Global Stock ETF (VTWAX) provides another viable option for investors. This passive fund tracks the FTSE All World ex-US Index with a lower expense ratio and boasts an excellent average annual return since inception.

Investors with limited time and energy can create an effective portfolio quickly by selecting several low-cost core funds, which should consist of large bond and stock funds as well as funds that target growth stocks or use factor investing strategies to generate returns – this can increase long-term saving potential and can either be held within an IRA account, or purchased via taxable account then later transferred over.


DIA ETF is an ideal option for investors seeking a solid portfolio that provides attractive returns in the long term. While stocks may make or lose money over short-term periods, investing in a diversified portfolio has shown consistent outperformance over time. Additionally, this ETF gives access to major market indexes including S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 with low fees associated with it.

Another advantage of this ETF is its exposure to small-cap companies, which typically boast greater growth potential and dividend yield. Furthermore, this ETF covers multiple market sectors for added diversification of your portfolio.

Roth IRAs offer you the ability to invest in an assortment of bonds, stocks and international investments – choosing one or two core holdings from each category will create a balanced and diversified portfolio with minimal expenses. Find funds with low expense ratios which will reduce overall costs.


If you’re searching for an easy and tax-efficient way to invest in dividend stocks, Roth IRAs could provide high yields without incurring an annual tax burden like their taxable counterparts would. Furthermore, diversifying your portfolio with Roths can offer further returns.

One of the best investments for Roth IRAs is a total stock market index fund like FSKAX, which tracks the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index at an affordable 0.015% expense ratio and boasts an exceptional track record over 40 years of performance.

Roth IRAs can be an attractive investment vehicle for younger investors because of their tax-free compounding benefits, but you must select investments based on your risk tolerance and expected time horizon for retirement needs. You should mix aggressive equities such as stocks with stable investments such as bonds for optimal results.

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